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Wine and Shine: Texture edition

How does one spice up an outfit? Wear an interesting pattern? Color block? I like to mix up different textures to create different types of outfits. When an outfit has a mix of different textures it makes it more appealing to the eye. Think about it, when you’re looking at a landscape there is a wide variety of different elements. Say you’re looking a landscape of an ocean: there is sand, water, and the sky all three are very different textures. Even in the water there is different types of textures because there is calm water, crashing water, and waves. What if you’re looking at mountains? There are a lot of different textures there too. For example you have the surface closest to you, the tall mountains, and different elements scattered throughout the picture. In order to make an outfit interesting to the eye you need to incorporate different elements.


I’m obsessed with these Ugg leopard print flats because of the crazy texture and the loud print. You can wear these shoes in many different ways. I know you might think I’m crazy but many people actually wear this loud pattern as a neutral. Some days I will wear it as a neutral but I admit it is very challenging because it is such a loud print. But if you think about it this yellow color does go with a lot reds, greens, browns, and oranges.  It’s fun to mix it up with different textures because it gives the outfit a speaking point.


Now the camera changed the color slightly. The top is an olive green and the pants are a burgundy red. I paired these two colors together because it is very similar to the grape vines in Italy. I wrapped the shirt tightly and put a belt around it to have the pleated shirt just peeking out at the bottom. The shinny woven belt ties in the colors and gives the outfit a little extra pop.


As you can see here, the different textures flatter the top very well because it trains the eye too look at the places where the texture is.

Cardigan: Aeropostale

Pleated shirt: American Eagle (DIY)

Belt: J.Crew

Jeans: American Eagle

Flats: UGGs

Photo Credit: Chris Fusco

As always,

             Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.01.15 AM

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