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Moody March

March is one of those months that seems to just drag on. It’s like we’re almost done with winter but not quite. So if you’re tied of winter and need something to cheer you up read on to hear about some fun things that happened in the month of March. If this doesn’t cheer you up just think… it’s almost spring!

This video had me laughing like a crazy person. I actually had tears running down my face and was cackling like a witch. I’ve showed it to almost any fellow college student that has come into contact with me. Some don’t find it as funny as me, but I still think its the best thing on the internet.

I went to an Eric Church concert for Rob’s birthday with him and our friend James. There was an incredible amount of people. We met up with another Siena girl and she was actually close enough to touch Eric’s hand! Pretty awesome! I got really hot around the end of the concert and had to go sit down (I’m a party pooper I know). So I left everyone to go sit down and got this crazy photo of the crowd. We were actually right by the stage on the right! Very close if I say so myself!


This month is the home of St. Patrick’s Day! Although I’m not Irish it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the fun of the parades and green food! Two of my friends (Micky and Emily) and I made shirts for the Albany St. Patrick’s day Parade. We basically got a plain green shirt, fabric paint, cover shape sponges, and glitter. It was a little cold and but it was still a lot of fun. Honestly, the best part was getting ready to go to the party with our fantastic tattoos, glitter filled shamrocks, and rhinestone eyes. Also a random man gave me a ring pop so thats always awesome.


These stupid chocolate eggs have me feeling some type of way. Cadbury Mini eggs are honestly my weakness. I’ll say I’m only going to eat like three of them and I end up eating twenty. They’re addicting so if you’ve never had them before and you want your life to be ruined by chocolate goodness then I suggest you buy a bag.


If you thought my egg addiction was the only bad thing in my life then think again. We went on a ‘road trip’ to Saratoga and ended up going to Druthers for dinner. Above was their special for the day (Texan burger). It has onions, cheddar, burger (obviously), bacon, and pulled pork.  So my heart raced a lot after and my cholesterol probably is through the roof but it was by far one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. My brother was actually disappointed I did not get their famous mac and cheese, but I was happy. Maybe next time I’ll try the mac and cheese. Also if you’re 21 then you should probably try their beer when you visit. Druthers is a brewery and my brothers rave about their beer.

We walked down the streets of Saratoga after because it was warm (good ol’ 40°). The street has little boutiques left and right. A lot of people were walking around for a Friday night.  We eventually found a cute little Gelato store. The owner, Eugene, was from Siena and was convinced that he invented Tide Pods. He also gave us a free cup of Gelato of his favorite flavor. If you’re ever in Saratoga these two places need to be visited!

unnamedGated Cafe

Another week Courtney, Micky, and I went the Iron Gate Cafe in Albany for brunch (these names will be popping up a lot over the fall when we adventure to Italy). My brother, Nathan, and his girlfriend took Rob, Andrew (my other brother), and me from brunch a week or two earlier. Obviously I needed to show my friends what the fuss was about and they fell into the obsession. The place is very unique, each room has a different type of feel. The two times I was there it was fairly packed so we waited 15 minutes to get seated. The main room is the takeout room where most people are waiting to be seated or trying to get food to go. The first time I went I was seated in a pink, old fashioned room with lace curtains. The second time I was seated in this bright turquoise room that had albums and pictures of Elvis everywhere. When we were seated, I was eager to get the Roasted Turkey B.L.A.T. again, which is basically roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, and the most wonderful “pesto” mayo. You also get to pick your choice of toasted locally baked bread. Yum, yum, yum. My friends got breakfast food that looked equally as delicious. If you’re in Albany and need a place to get brunch, I highly recommend going to the Iron Gate Cafe.

unnamed-5 unnamed-4 Cheesecake p

If you still have room you could go to the Cheesecake Machismo, which is 6 minutes away from the Iron Gate Cafe. Okay, so I’m kind of a snob when it comes to cheesecakes. I used to think that the Albany Pump Station was the best cheesecake (I still love you guys!) but after tasting the cheesecake from Cheesecake Machismo I’m blown away. I don’t think I had real cheesecake until now. I’m serious! Their cheesecake wasn’t overbearingly heavy like the Cheesecake Factory or too watery like a fake frozen cheesecake from a random chain restaurant. It was creamy, sweet, and soft. The little shop was filled with all these little nerdy comics and action figures. The weirdest part was that they had a book of all the different cheesecakes with just drawings of them. It was so cool and quirky. Since they only make a select amount of cheesecakes for the day, you have to check the website if you want a certain flavor.

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