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The Power of the Pout


Revlon Frost 260 Heather Frost is my favorite lipstick because it’s not too sweet but not to in your face. You can wear this lipstick without it being a complete shock you’re wearing lipstick.

Revlon Frost 718 Gold Dipped Rose looks so sweet and innocent. It’s like the Heather Frost but lighter.

Milani 106 Lovely Rouge is very different from the other ones because it is so smooth when it is applied. It almost feels like a chapstick. I like blending it out with my finger because its so smooth.

Revlon Matte 008 Cocoa Craving is the only matte lipstick I own. It’s a very interesting color that I don’t think I would purchase because it’s such a brown color. Looks very weird on me (kinda looks like I just ate three chocolate bars and didn’t wipe my face).

L’oreal Colour Riche 339 Red Rhapsody This is the reddest lipstick ever. It’s such a vibrant color that you couldn’t miss.


Bath and body works Dipped Strawberry is the best smelling lip glosses I have. It actually smells just like dipped strawberries. Bath and Body works has my favorite lip glosses because they come in such a variety of different flavors. They all smell… and taste… delicious. If you’ve never tried bath and body works then I would recommend it.

Aeire lip gloss in Baby and Blush Aeire for some reason discontinued their lip gloss line and eye shadow line. If anyone knows why please inform me. I’m so sad that it discontinued because honestly these are my favorite lip glosses because they’re so pigmented and make your lips look fuller. If you’re wondering about how fantastic their eye shadow was it was pretty much the best thing ever. Even better than the naked pallet in my opinion. I really with the continued to make their eye shadow and lip gloss.

Revlon Just Bitten Frenzy Lip stains used to freak me out because I was always nervous I was going to mess it up. However, I love this color. I just don’t like lip stains as much as I like lipstick because it doesn’t feel as moisturizing.

Sugar Fresh If you love make up then you probably know know amazing this chapstick is. It’s the most moisturizing chapstick I’ve ever worn and it taste like lemon. Can you get better than that? Didn’t think so.


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