Trashion Fashion 2015

Siena College hosts an annual event called Trashion Fashion. The event is designed to inform people about the amount of trash one produces through simple activities. Last year I participated in the show and made a dress completely made out of just dryer sheets and soda can tabs. My friend walked down the runway in my dress to Candy Shop because it looks like a giant cotton candy ball. Fun fact: I DIYed the shirt I’m wearing in that picture. I did a post on it here. 

This year I walked down the runaway in my own creation to thrift shop. After months of saving Rolo wrappers, beer bottle tops, recipes, and price tags, I finally made a dress.





My friend also did the show with me. Courtney Flood’s dress was made out of book pages, gum wrappers, and soda tabs.


Watch what you’re throwing out!

As always,

             Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.01.15 AM

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