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What Is In My Beach Bag?

If you didn’t already know from this post, I love seeing whats in other people’s purses. I continued my obsession and wrote this post about what I lug around the beach. Hope you enjoy!


This is typically the bag I bring to the beach. If I don’t bring this the bag that was super cheap, is plastic, and has these creepy little owls on it. With that said, I typically bring bags that I know might/will get destroyed at the beach. I mean there is harsh sad, burning sun, and water everywhere. There are many possibilities for you bag to get ruined. I got this particular bag at Forever 21 last year and use it a lot when going to the beach. It has a nice striped liner on the inside. I also typically carry a cooler to hold drinks, sandwiches, and fruit. This particular day my friend and I went late to the beach so I didn’t really need to pack a cooler.

What I typically bring in my beach bag is a wide assortment… well not really. It’s usually just the things that are needed.

Sunglasses and sunglass case. I switch this from bag to bag. I still love this case from Macy’s.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body and Face stick. Since my face is usually the first to burn and I hate clogging up my pours with sunscreen, I found that this body stick is the best thing ever. I put it all over my face and it’s kind of funny on the beach because it looks like I’m rubbing deodorant all over my face. But, hey, it works.

Headphones. I typically listen to music on the beach and read a book. I haven’t gotten my summer books yet so thats why a book is not pictured in this nice collage.

Water bottle. I fill this water bottle up to the brim with ice and then put whatever water will fit. It usually works pretty well when I don’t bring a cooler.

Banana Boat Tanning Spray. Yes, I am aware that it is SPF 4. I typically don’t burn anywhere else on my body besides my face and my lips so I can risk wearing this tanning spray. It’s not greasy at all and it smells like heaven. Honestly, when I think of the summer smells I think of watermelon, the smell of pools, camp fires, and this tanning spray. Might just be me though. If I know I’m going to be at the beach for a very, very long time or just be outside for a long time I’ll put on real sunscreen. Not pictured is the 8 other bottles of sunscreen I usually carry.

Cover up. I love walking the beach and picking up shells. I always have since I was a little girl. So I usually have like a shift dress in my bag or just shorts. It’s comfy and it slightly protects you from the sun. This particular dress is from Forever 21 for like $12 so it’s awesome to say the least.

Siena College Blanket. My mom insisted on buying this freshman year of college. I told here a million times, “Mom, I’m never going to use this.” She said that I would. It’s actually sad how much I do use it. At college, I always bring this blanket outsides and sit on the lawn. It’s a great blanket for picnics. I brought this blanket to the beach every single time last year. I’m even thinking about bringing it with me to Italy in the fall so I can represent my wonderful college. Lesson learned: listen to mom about buying things.

Last but not least, some beach shots. Hammonasset might not be the prettiest beach, but it does have these awesome rocks you get to climb out on. My favorite part about this beach is that no a lot of people go during the week days in the summer. Which is nice for me because thats when I typically have work off. So when I’m not working you’ll probably find me here if I’m not harassing my dogs.

Join the discussion: What do you typically bring to the beach?

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