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Coming in Clutch – How to Style a Statement Clutch

Hello darlings! I had some wonderful fun at the park taking pictures for you guys. This outfit is one of my favorites because it is so comfortable. Peplums are one of the most flattering top you can own. Since the hem hits the smallest part of your body, it makes you appear smaller. You can see this effect happening in my other post too. This particular beet purple top is from American Eagle. They usually have a lot of these very casual peplums in the summertime so be on the lookout if you want a similar top. The jeans are from Aeropostale. I used to work at Aeropostale for a little bit of time and they make a lot really cool different styled jeans. However, they’re cheap feeling. If you want jeans to last you a long time I recommend American Eagle jeans or J. Crew jeans instead because they are better quality. Aeropostale jeans are great for trying out different styles because you don’t have to pay a ton of money for just trying out a different style of jeans.







This adorable little J. Crew clutch was a gift from my brother. I think it is so cute and goes great with ripped jeans to add some more texture.


Rings, rings, and more rings! I love rings. They’re so much fun to spice up an outfit. I particularly like rings when they have a very thin band like the one on my thumb. The band is actually wavy around the whole band. Then a simple jewel is added. I got this ring from Francesca’s. They’re kind of expensive for rings but I wear this a lot so I think it was worth it. For the rings, on my middle finger, they are mix and match ones from Forever 21 and H&M. There is a ‘pearl’ ring, ‘diamond’ ring, spiked ring, and balled ring. They make a perfect stacked combination.

As for bracelets, I have a bracelet from Chole and Isabel and a bracelet from Alex and Ani. I actually did a post about the Chole and Isabel bracelet you can click here to see more information on it. Both were lovely gifts.

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Join the discussion: Do you love peplums or stacking jewelry?

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