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Nail Polishes I Use All Year Long

Hello darlings! I want to share some of my favorite nail polishes. I typically use these all throughout the year. I love dark hues so all my other nail polishes are pretty much always dark blues, reds, or browns. However, sometimes when I’m feeling girly I’ll wear these light beige colors. Enjoy this goofy video. When taking the pictures for this video, I squatted the entire time… I hope you’re impressed.


Starting with the top left and going all the way around:

Salon Pro by Rimmel London (421 Clearly Clear). I recently bought this one actually because I was running out of the nail polish below. I really, really, really like the brush of this particular nail polish because it is flat. It’s so easy to use and the consistency of this nail polish is more watery than the second clear coat I list. Since it is more watery it dries faster and easier. Kind of a win win.

Hard as Nails by Sally Hansen (100 Invisible). Like I said earlier this particular nail polish brand is a little bit thicker and goopier than the others. However, I do like this brand a lot because I feel like the nail polish is harder to peel and chip off. I tend to pick at my nail polish quite frequently so thats why I like this brand so much.

Revlon Parfumerie (Bordeaux). I love this color and this brand. I would probably buy every single color. But if you thin the nail polish actually smells then you’re going to be sadly mistaken. I mean it does smell different from other nail polish but it definitely does not smell like perfume. However, this color is my favorite of the bunch.

Nuance by Salma Hayek (Prickly Pear). I’m actually surprised I didn’t put more of this brand in this video/picture because I love this brand. The only sad part is that they don’t have many colors. But look how cute the bottle is and the brush is flat like the Rimmel London clear coat… so naturally I’m in love.

Color club (Baldwin Blues). If you love this color then I’m really sorry to say I have no idea where you can purchase this. Most of the nail polishes on this list you can get at a CVS but I don’t even know how I came in to the possession of this nail polish. But it has become one of my favorite colors of the summer. Sorry for the let down… hopefully you didn’t catch the Baldwin blues… ha ha.

OPI in some colors I have no idea what the names are. My brother’s girlfriend gave me these two colors for Christmas and I love them. They’re such an uplifting color. I actually have to go to Sephora to get more of these colors because I’m running dangerously low.

Fresh Paint in Passion Fruit. Now that I’m reading the name of this color I’m really quite upset. Passion fruit is not lavender… shame on the person who created the name. However, this nail polish was found at 5 below so obviously the guy who is getting paid to think of ‘creative’ names for this nail polish probably doesn’t really find that much excitement at his job. Oh well. Still a SWEET color.

Maybelline Color Show (Neutral Statement) and (Gilded Rose).  I paired these two together because I always wear them together. If you need some awesome in your life I highly recommend you get some Gilded Rose in your life and paint everything you see in it because it’s the prettiest darn color. I talked about it in my December post that I was wearing it all the time… yeah, it is still an obsession.

And last but not least,

Salon Pro by Rimmel London (Soul Session). It has the same brush that I’m obsessed with in the clear coat… what a surprise! Also these two nail polishes have Avec which basically is some word that means that it will dry faster than other nail polishes. I mean how cool is that? Also this color is basically the same as Neutral Statement because I was running low on it and wanted to try something new… and look I fell in love woohoo.


Okay before you put your nose in the air, yes, these nail polishes are from the dollar store. Who cares? I’m not going to spend the Sephora price for design nail polish. Waste. It’s pretty much the same exact thing anyway. So if yo wanna be smart about your money like myself (ha) then go to 5 below and get these awesome polishes. 5 for $5 can you get it any better?

Before I let you go back to your life, I thought I’d let you in on a little secret about me. I’m obsessed with nail polishes with funny/good names. It’s really the only reason I get nail polishes from OPI. Like I don’t care if the color looks like wet throw up… I’m probably going to get it if the name makes me laugh. If you’re every incredibly bored of if you friends dragged you unto a make up store… just go to the nail polish section and read the names… Oh goodness I sound like a crazy person. Well… in case you’re worried I don’t read the dictionary for fun… I do have a word of the day app…….

Join the conversation: what are your go to colors? Do you awkwardly read the labels of the nail polish?

As always,

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.01.15 AM
P.s. if you can guess how many pictures are in the video I’d be super duper impressed.


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