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Sunday snapshot: New London and Reservoirs

Hello darlings! I had a pretty good weekend filled with all kinds of recklessness. Rob and I went hiking up to Castle Craig. We actually took a different path than the one Sofie and I did. It was beyond worth it going a different path… I mean look at these pictures. Monday was a busy day. We attempted to play tennis, but we were both too horrible to actually play. Once we realized we were awful, we went to the movies to see Southpaw. I ended up crying the who time like a weirdo. I can’t tell if it was actually sad or I was just a weirdo. Afterwards, we got food at Mondos (my favorite place to eat at home). I got a chicken mozzarella pesto panini and Rob finally tried the delicious Connecticut BBQ chicken pizza.   Then I had to drop Rob off at the ferry in New London. How beautiful are these flowers by the ferry though? I think these might be better iPhone backgrounds than these ones!   

Join the discussion: What is your favorite city in your home state?

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