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Nerd Haul: Amazon J.crew, and Ban.Do

Hello darlings! Am I the only one who gets excited about school supplies? Okay, it must just be a werido thing. Anyway, I bought the cutest things this week and I wanted to share it with all of your beautiful people. 

My first purchase was this Miquelrius Flexible Journal on Amazon. I’m someone who doesn’t write in order of the pages instead I kind of pick random pages and either write or doodle on them (Only in my journals though… my school notes are perfect… color coordinated and everything). Since I doodle a lot and don’t write in the lines, I needed a journal that does not have lines. Surprisingly this is a very hard thing to find. My currently journal is from Anthropology and I have been running out of pages. I didn’t really want to spend $40 on a journal so I opted for this $14 journal from amazon instead. It may not be as good of quality as the Anthropology ones, but I figured I’ll probably only using this journal for study abroad. 


The next lovely purchase was a tag for my luggage when I go abroad. How cute is this J.Crew Luggage tag? Hopefully this tag will prevent my luggage getting lost over seas! 


I’m officially obsessed with Ban.Do. Their stuff is just so cute! I picked up this agenda for $20 and they have two different styles if you want to check them out. I admit I took waaaaaaaay too many photographs of this agenda from Ban.Do. But could you blame me? I mean look at it: 


In case you’re worried, that “2015-2016 17-Month Agenda” sticker comes off. So you open up the journal and all these lovely tabs are there to help you find the date. If you need even more help there is a little hot pink string to help bookmark the week you’re on. 


I think this little tab for holiday’s is the cutest thing. There are a bunch of Holidays’ like “National Roller Coaster Day,” “National Dance Day,” and my personal favorite “National Oreo Day.” You’ll be the first one of your friends to Instagram a picture of you stuffing your face with Oreos. 

IMG_7012 The agenda also includes this sticker page where you and put them all over your agenda if you want. I’m a gross amount of excited to use these… Yes, I’m 20 and proud. 

IMG_7013 Each month starts with a page of quirky art work, two pages you can write notes on, and then a full month view. 

IMG_7018 IMG_7016IMG_7017 The week view has a lot of space for Monday-Friday and then Saturday and Sunday are a little bit smaller. Each week includes random things to do like plant a tree, donate old clothes, water ballon fight, see a fortune teller, and many more. 


On the back of the agenda there is a pouch were you can put anything you want in it. I think I’m going to buy more stickers and put them in there. 

IMG_7019 IMG_7020

I also picked up a Ban.Do charger. This is perfect for when I travel and my phone dies. I love the girly pattern and how light it is. 

IMG_7037 IMG_7040IMG_7030

IMG_7025 And that’s my nerdy little haul. Hope you like all the pictures. Do you get excited for school supplies or is it just me?

As always,

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