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Sunday Snapshot: Last Long Island Visit of 2015

Hello darlings! From this post you already know that I was in long island this week. I took more pictures this time woohoo! Rob and I went fishing with his friends and played mini golf with some of our college friends.

This picture was me leaving New London to Orient Point:

Rob caught the first sea bass of the day but right after he caught his I caught mine. We actually saw dolphins when we were fishing! After we left the ocean, we went into the bay to catch Blue fish. We didn’t take any pictures of them though.


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The next day we went mini golfing with our college friends. I ended up winning by two points! Woohoo.


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My hair was on point so I had to take a picture…

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Obviously, I bugged Rob by taking as many selfies as possible with him in the background.


Thursday, I was the score keeper of my Mom’s camp. The last day of boot camp the campers get popsicles. I felt it appropriate to take a picture of my ‘fashionable’ joke.


And that was my lovely week in a nutshell. How is the end of your summer wrapping up? I hope you’re enjoying the nice weather and maybe doing a few things on my countdown list. I soon have to start packing for Italy… wish me luck.

As always,

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