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Have you ever been in a really hard class and you finally understood something after an hour trying to figure it out? That feeling is exactly how Italy feels to me right now. I now know how to take the bus into school and home! I know how to get to Piazza del Campo, school, and even the Duomo easily. It is a great feeling.

After I posted my first study abroad post Sunday, we explored Siena! We found the Duomo and it is breathtaking. I can only imagine what the Milan Duomo looks like in comparison. Honestly, these pictures really do not do it justice.

IMG_4958 IMG_4982

When you live in Italy, you soon realize that there are these adorable little trinkets everywhere. You walk down the streets and see a lot of shops selling hand painted plates and dishes, you smell the delicious leather at every corner, and, in Siena, you see contrada flags every two feet. You can see some of the flags on the buildings of my pictures. If you don’t know much about the contrada and want to know more about what I’m talking about read this. The way my teacher described it was as if your hometown had a sports team that was owned by the people. The citizens would then use their own money, volunteer, and fundraise to make that sports team impeccable. This whole week there were many parades with very loud drums for each contrada and even a party we went to. Here is a picture of one of the parades we ran into:


You’d be surprised how hard it is not to buy touristy things. I’m trying really hard not to buy touristy things in Siena until December (when I leave). I want to get a few different souvenirs like every other tourist. I plan on getting Salt and Pepper shakers from Burano where they handmade, a leather wallet and leather gloves from somewhere in Italy, a contrada flag (for my townhouse), a ring, and Christmas ornaments. So I guess I’ll pass on these adorable bottles… or maybe get one as a gift….

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We ended up wandering on Sunday and found this windy road that leads to a random restaurant and park. You can pay three euros to eat at this private park where there are animals all around you. We saw two peacocks and sheep! It was like a park and a zoo mixed together.



Yesterday, these random birds were all over the city so we ended up taking these awesome pictures. The birds are bigger in Italy!

IMG_4968 IMG_4963

These last pictures are just some views of the city. I just think they’re a great view. I’m so fortunate to be able to explore and live in this beautiful place. We eat lunch in Piazza Del Campo almost every day. It’s crazy feeling.

This weekend, Micky and I are taking a bus to Rome so feel free to stop by next week to see those pictures. I can’t wait to feel like Lizzie McGuire and a throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain. See you then!

As always,

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