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Grapes are Healthy

Hello darlings! I had a cooking class this week! We learned how to make pasta, pizza, and tiramisu. It was a very interesting experience. Here are some pictures of the delicious food we made.




If you read this post then you know I was in Florence this weekend! On Saturday we went on a wine tour through Smart Trip. It was a very interesting experience. Nothing really went right but it was a great time. The first winery we went to, Greve in Chianti, there were wild cats everywhere but an incredible view. The pictures of the view don’t really do it justice but you can slightly see it in the background of this picture of Courtney, Micky, and I. This winery gave us two wines and kind of rushed us out into the vineyard to take pictures.


The next winery, Chianti Hills, was amazing. On our way there our bus actually got pulled over by the cops. Once we got there they gave us a white wine and then 4 or 5 different red wines. They even gave us truffle oil, olive oil, and balsamic oil. I tried desert wine with a biscotti cookie. I don’t think my mouth is mature enough for that because I really did not enjoy that. The oils were amazing. I’m kind of sad I didn’t buy the truffle oil but if we go back then it’s meant to be.

The bus brought us back to Florence and we were starving so we found Gusta Pizza. If you like doughy pizza with a strong flavor then I would recommend going here while you’re in Florence.


The next day we wandered around Florence. I ended up going into Zara for the first time and bought this wonderful jacket. I’m so excited for it to be cold… words I never thought I’d say.


I had an oral quiz today and I have my final exam for Italian tomorrow. Wednesday we’re going to Sardinia and coming home Sunday morning (around 2am). Feel free to stop buy and check out those beautiful pictures! I’m incredibly excited. I wanted to go to Sardinia but thought it would be too much for just a weekend. I’m so glad that we’re going with my school.

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