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Sardinia and Pisa

Hello darlings! I went on an adventure with my program this week! I have way too many pictures so hopefully you don’t mind too much!

We all woke up early and got on a bus to Pisa. The drive to Pisa is about two hours from Siena. Everyone pretty much zonked out on the bus ride there. When we arrived, we did a walking tour around Pisa. It’s a city you can easily see in a day. We saw the leaning tower of Pisa because you obviously have to when you go to Pisa. When you finally do see it, you can see hundreds of tourists taking the famous tourist picture.


During our free time, we wandered into random stores and ended up getting gelato. I would totally post a picture of the delicious KitKat flavor I had from La Bottega del Gelato, but I actually melted it all over myself before I got to take an artsy picture. It was a rough scene.

After visiting the city of Pisa, we took a 15 minute bus tour to Marinia di Pisa. None of the pictures I took do it justice. I must have sent out 15-20 video snapchats of how incredible the waves were. Never in my life have I seen waves that big and crazy! I was completely awestruck. If you’re ever in Pisa go to the Marinia di Pisa and see what I’m talking about. It is worth it.

After exploring Pisa, we got on plane to Cagliari. Fun fact: Sardinia is the second biggest island in Europe, Sicily being the biggest. We quickly got into our hostel/hotel (still unsure of what exactly it was) and went to bed.

The next day, we woke up early for a guided tour of Cagliari. The tour was incredibly helpful because if we didn’t have the tour we would have probably missed out on this amazing view:


After the tour, we darted to Poetto beach. The beaches are completely different than in the states. First of all, the water is incredibly clear and you can walk out very, very far. In the states, the water is not as aqua blue and it drops off very quickly. People are also a lot more confident in Sardinia. Many people walk around in revealing bathing suit bottoms and many people don’t even wear tops! Kind of shocking to us Americans, but I guess we’re learning some cultural differences.


After the beach, we had to get ready for a dinner and a play at our school’s conference. We were able to watch the sunset from there. It was incredible. 


The next day we woke up early to go to Nora. We looked at ruins and took a million pictures at the beach.


Getting lost be like:


Later that night, we went out to dinner with everyone. We had like a million different dishes of food. I ended up trying liver, cow intestines, and snails. Snails were okay, cow intestines tasted like calamari, and the liver was the grossest thing that has ever entered my body. I came into this trip saying I’d try anything so I guess I can say that I did!

The snails and liver:


Our last day was my favorite day. We woke up early and hiked at Sella del Diavolo. Desi and I were told the day before that the hike shouldn’t be that bad and it would be like the walking around we did all week. That is incredibly wrong. The hike was rocky and I really wish I was prepared to do an actual hike. If I had known that I would have worn sneakers. None the less, the view was worth trekking up the mountain in sandals.


Next week I’m going to Cinque Terre and I’m incredibly excited! Wait until you see my awesome pictures from that. I hope you’re having a wonderful week!

As always,

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