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No Prague-blems here!

Hello darlings! Last weekend, I took a 12 hour bus to Prague! The bus part sounds awful doesn’t it? Surprisingly, it wasn’t bad at all! We watched movies the whole time and I was able to fall asleep on the bus. It was kind of nice having a day off to just relax. We left Thursday night and arrived Friday morning.


After the 12 hours on the bus, we had a little over an hour break to get ready for the day. Once everyone was ready we started a walking tour of New Town, Old Town, and the Jewish Quarter. It was so interesting to hear all the history about Prague. It also helped that our guide was hilarious! Did you know Prague was a communist country until a little over 20 years?

After the walking tour, we went to grab dinner. We ended up getting chicken schnitzel, fried cheese, and a very salty feta cheese salad. Everything was very good. I also tried apple cider beer. It was very sweet and delicious.


After dinner, we stopped and picked up gingerbread man! He tasted as good as he looked!


We then wandered a little and decided to see the view from the Prague Astronomical Clock Tower.


IMG_7971 IMG_7965


We woke up and visited the John Lennon Wall, Charles Bridge, Petrin Hill, and the Prague Castle. For those who don’t know about the John Lennon wall, it is a wall that has been spray painted since the 1980s. It started out being a statement against the communist regime. The wall represents a symbol of ideals such as love and peace. On November 17th, the wall was painted white and said “wall is over.” The wall has already been repainted and the saying has turned into “War is Over.”



IMG_8023 IMG_8017IMG_8020 IMG_8016

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(Rob said it looks like I’m flipping of the camera… I am pointing at the peace sign just in case you think I’m being a punk)

After seeing the wonderful artwork, we got to feed swans in front of Charles Bridge! I’ve seen swans before but these swans were massive! Their feet were bigger than mine! I thought they were the coolest thing ever. I actually ended up getting a Christmas ornament of a swan because from now on whenever I see a swan I’m going to think of Prague!




After feeding those majestic creatures, we waddled on Charles Bridge. Fun fact: the Charles Bridge was actually made out of eggs! One part man made and one part eggs!

This is a view of Charles Bridge from another bridge:


We then went to Petrin Hill and saw the Prague Castle. Courtney needed some caffeine in her body so we went to a Starbucks and it had the most epic view ever.

I, unfortunately, do not like coffee so that is actually hot chocolate. What do you think of the red Starbucks cups?

IMG_8058 IMG_8055

IMG_8071 IMG_8067 IMG_8075 IMG_8062

The rest of the night, we walked around, ate food, and shopped. We also bought some adorable ornaments. I also ate this beautiful Nutella delight. It is called Trdelník. Don’t ask me how you pronounce that because I have no idea. Excuse the quality of this picture… I was very excited to eat it!


That was my trip in a nutshell! Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Venice and Sunday I’ll explore the romantic land of Verona! I’m so excited! I might pull a Colosseum moment and start crying. Wish me luck!

As always,

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