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What a Budaful Place to Be

Hello darlings! I just finished my last big trip of the semester! Have you guessed where I went? The wonderful city of Budapest. It was quite Budaful! I was Hungary the whole time. Okay enough with the puns! I’ll tell you what I did in the wonderful country of Hungary.

After the ten hour drive, we woke up in the country of the red, white, and green. We quickly ate breakfast and then went on a three hour walking tour.

We saw things like the Dohány Synagogue, which is the second biggest Synagogue in the world. We also walked on the Szechenyi Chain Bridge, which connects Buda and Pest together. I got most of my pictures from the bridge. We also saw the outside of Mátyás Templom (Saint Matthias Church) and the outside of Fisherman’s Bastion.





After the walking tour, we took out HUF and went the the market. There was a lot of different foods we weren’t used to. Mickey and I ended up splitting Lángos. It’s basically a quesadilla with cheese on the outside. It was better than I thought it was going to be! 


Once we finished eating our Lángos, we marched in the cold to the wonderful Christmas market. There were a few scattered around the city. I believe we went to the main one and to two different ones. After a while, they start to look like each other.





The picture above is Hot Wine. They had hot wine stands everywhere in Hungary, just like in Czech Republic. It taste more like tea than wine. It is a very strong taste. It kept me warm!

I loved the Christmas market outside of St. Stephen’s Basilica. There was this massive tree with blue lights and a canopy of string lights attached to the tree.




The next day, we wandered the Christmas markets again. It was snowing and raining so we actually had lunch inside for about two hours. I ended up getting vegetable soup and this burger. It was very good. It looks more red than it was because restaurant’s lighting.


Later in the day, we got the same circular thing I got in Prague. This one was so much better though! I asked for the cinnamon flavor.


The next day we drove back to Siena. The drive through Slovenia was amazing.


It was a very relaxed weekend, which was needed! After traveling so much I’m so glad to spend my last couple of weeks in Siena, Italy.

It’s a bitter sweet thought that I’m leaving Europe in less than three weeks. I’m excited to see my loved ones, eat American food, and to get back to working out. However, I’m going to miss getting lost in all these wonderful countries, eating market pizza, and the wonderful friends I’ve made.

I’ll be posting my Siena favorites sometime soon so stay tuned for that!

As always,

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