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5 Trends to Leave in 2015

Hello darlings! Pack your bags! We’re leaving these trends in 2015 and finding some better ones in 2016. I have listed my five least favorite trends of 2015… I’m sorry at least one of these is probably going to offend someone. But you’re entitled to your own opinion! Let me know what you think of this list in the comment section!


I just don’t understand culottes so maybe that is why I’m hating on them. Why not just wear a midi skirt? I’d rather wear a midi skirt that these puffy pants. These crazy clown pants seem to make the skinniest person look two sizes bigger (insert the Grinch’s heart growing two sizes big). They somehow even managed to make a button down look sloppy. Peace out Culottes!



I do admit I like sheer sometimes. Sheer can be worn in a nice way, but I don’t think it should be used for a day time look. I think it is a little to revealing to go shopping with friends, out to lunch, or even doing errands. If you’re going to a club or a bar, I think it’s okay.


Mismatched earrings

I’ll never understand this fad. Do people really just not want to turn on the light in the morning when they get ready? What earring goes on what side? If you only like one earring do you buy two pairs so they can match?


Flared pants

Flared pants are great for very thin women to create curves. I’m only adding it to this list because I’m secretly jealous that I cannot pull them off. I admit I’m bitter. Props to you if you can pull them off and I’ll let it slide in 2016 if you can, in fact, pull them off.

flare pants.jpg

Painted on eyebrows

I might get some hate for this one. I’m not a fan of the overly done eyebrows. I know the majority of the population is, but hear me out. When they look like any of the following pictures it makes the eye go directly to your eyebrows instead of your eyes. I think when you look at a person you should look them in the eye… It’s respectful. When your eyebrows look like a coloring book it’s a little distracting.

eye broww.jpg

What’s your opinion? Do you agree or disagree with some of my choices? Feel free to defend one of these trends and link your blog of you rocking one of these trends.

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