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People’s Choice Awards

Hello darlings! Did any of you watch the People’s Choice Awards? I didn’t actually watch the show, but I did see all of the lovely dresses today. Here are some of my favorites…

These are the edgy looks of the night. I’m in love with Kat Graham’s dress. The contrasting patterns really make her dress pop out of the page.


Here are some pastels dress of the night. Kate Hudson killed it! Some people can pull of pant suits and she is one of them. She looks incredible.

pastel .jpg

Here are some edgy cutouts of the night. I think my favorite would be Lea Michele’s dress. I love the belt paired with the edgy cutouts. It’s very textured look.


Vanessa hudgens and  Christina Milian had very similar styled dresses, but Christina’s was very revealing compared to Venessa’s. I love this different rocker style of Vanessa. She can seem to pull of anything! She is one of my favorite style icons, so I always love seeing her rock something new.

And my least favorites. I just don’t understand the cape type garment over the pants/skirt. It’s something that reminds me of star wars. Not something I would particularly wear, but Portia actually seems to pull it off very well. As for Melissa I think she could have worn something more flattering. This top doesn’t really do her any justice. It is a great color on her though!


What are your favorite looks of the night? My personal favorite look is Vanessa Hudgens.

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