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DIY Dream Catcher

Hello darlings! I’ve been wanting to get a dream catcher for quite some time now. I looked on etsy and eBay and they are actually pretty expensive and none that I really loved enough to buy. So I figured I could probably make one myself… I mean how hard could it be?

Step one: Go to A.C. Moore or another craft store and pick up your supplies.


  • Giant spool of string
  • Beads of your choice
  • Fake flowers
  • 4 different styles and sizes of ribbon
  • Super glue or hot glue
  • Wood Embroidery Hoop

The total should be around $15-$20.

Step two: Separate the outer circle and the inner circle of the Wood Embroidery hoop. It’s up to you which one you want to be the hoop. My dream catcher is made with the inner circle and my friend is doing one with the out side hoop. You can use the clasp for hanging the dream catcher or you can make a string to hang it.




Step three: Wrap the string around the hoop so it covers every part of the hoop. Warning: This takes a very long time. It took me about an hour.



Step four: Put as many beads as you want on the string you are going to use to create the web. Depending on the size of your dream catcher you may want to do more or less beads. I put about 100-125.

Step five: Wrap the spool of string loosely around the dream catcher. While you are doing this, space out the beads evenly.

Step six: You then put your string though the middle bead of each loop. This is going to create the outside circle of your web.

Step seven: You’re going to put the string in the hoop you just made. You are going to continue all the way around the circle. After making the first lap around the dream catcher, you’ll want to continue putting the string in the newly made circle until you cannot do it anymore. The picture below shows the beginning of this step.



Step eight: Put a bead on the last hoop you made. This represents the “spider.”

Step nine: Super glue the last string to another piece of string on the web… that is how I did it. Many websites show that they tie the last piece off. I couldn’t figure out how to do it, so I ignored their instruction.

Step ten: Cut your ribbons at different lengths and tie the longest ones in the center. This creates a more voluminous look (thats why people get layers in their hair). Make sure it’s not too drastic of a different length or it will look choppy.

Step eleven: Cut the fake flower stems and tie them on the dream nature with one of your ribbons. Feel free to wrap them all the way around, both sides, or just one side like I did!

Step twelve: Tie an extra piece of ribbon to the top of your dream catcher. This will be used to hang your dream catcher.


There you have it! If you have more questions on how to create it you can look at the guide I looked at or you can comment on this post! I’ll be sure to answer any of your questions.

My friend, who I made the dream catcher with, was joking and wants to sell them on Etsy now. Maybe with practice, haha!

If you have any fun DIYs let me know! I had fun making this

As always,

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