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Hello darlings! Have you received or bought an item of clothing and thought “how the heck do I style this?” If you haven’t… you might just be a style queen. But if you’re like me than you’ve had this moment. Usually stalking Pinterest is the next step or just fumbling though your closet.

I received this pair of joggers for Christmas. I was immediately bewildered to how I would style these incredibly comfy pants. I’m really not someone who wears sweatpants that often. Wearing leggings isn’t something I do often… only to the gym and occasionally the weekend. But I didn’t give up. I had to figure out how I could wear these joggers.

I ended up styling them with a white shirt that I may or may not have shrunk in the wash and a flannel peaking out underneath it. The flannel not only looks chic, but it keeps me warm. A win-win if you ask me. Since the outfit still needed something, I decided to put this necklace on underneath the collar of the flannel. It makes the outfit a little bit more preppy, but sometimes you need to explore other styles!


IMG_8673 (1)IMG_8677IMG_8691IMG_8699IMG_8701IMG_8705IMG_8696.jpgIMG_8669

After figuring out how to style joggers, I do recommend getting them! I never thought I would recommend a type of sweatpant but these things are extremely comfortable. These particular ones are from Abercrombie and Fitch. They have a lot of different selections if you want to check them out.

My coat if from Zara, both of my shirts are from H&M, my necklace is from J.Crew, and my shoes are also from J.Crew.

Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. I’m going to be creating a few more looks with these jogger pants. I want to figure out how to style things I’m not that comfortable with. It’s always nice getting a new piece and figuring out how you can make it work in your wardrobe. Add a little spice to your life!

Have you ever had a piece of clothing that you thought “how am I ever going to wear this?” Let me know if I’m not the only one in the comments.

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