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Prague Outfit Inspiration

Hello darlings! I’m starting a new series on my blog. As you already know, I studied abroad last semester. I ended up going to a few cities and took way too many pictures. I’ve decided to reopen my posts and create outfits from my travels. Here is the first of many…


Isn’t this gingerbread man just the cutest thing in the world? He tasted as good as he looked! To recreate this lovely picture, I picked these adorable loafers from Oasis and paired them with this feminine shirt. I personally love how the tassels on the loafers complements the bow in the shirt. It makes me smile as much as the little gingerbread man.

I’m obsessed with this rain jacket! It’s from Outdoor and Company and also comes in orange and navy. When I look at this picture, I see this beautiful sunset of blues. This is why I decided to pair this classic leaf print shirt with an assortment of blues. I wanted to keep it really casual so I threw in ripped skinny jeans… you can never go wrong with a pair of ripped skinny jeans!

This picture was taken near the John Lennon Wall. I loved how the leaves were changing color and the rustic look of the door. I decided to match this vivid green crop top with a jean skirt. I particularly like this jean skirt because of the scallop detail. I added the camo in this outfit in order to have something a little unexpected. I imagine using it as a cardigan or tying around the waist. In order to soften the look, I paired the skirt with rich caramel colored oxfords and bucket bag.

This very colorful, playful picture is of the John Lennon Wall. Although the wall is actually about peace, I thought I would simulate the edgy colors with an edgy look. I imagine the flannel tied around the waist of this jean shirtdress. I also imagined the shirtdress being slightly unbuttoned in order to show off the statement necklace. To add some color I added this fantastic pair of distressed army green booties.

I know one of the big “fashion rules” is not to mix and match brown and black, but it looks so good! Although the pants are already a statement themselves I wanted to had a little bit more of a pop in this outfit. This is why I added this turquoise necklace. This picture kind of does the same thing with one of the buildings. How beautiful is that sky though?

This wonderful picture was taken from a Starbucks… I know I’m shocked too. The romantic colors in the buildings and the dark roofs made me want to find a darker feminine dress. I paired it up with an edgy purse and earrings to add those darker moods the picture has. However, without going too overboard, I still included feminine pieces like ballet flats and a suede jacket.

This outfit is my favorite of them all. The funky feathers and the statement knee-high boots make this really chic urban look, which is the exact feeling of this marvelous city. If you have a big confidence definitely wear this stunning outfit for a night out on the town!

If you want to see more pictures check out my blog post about Prague. If you want to see how/where you can get any of the items in the outfit pictures click here.

What is your favorite look? If you haven’t noticed I’m really into the 70’s look lately. I can’t get enough of the suede and the denim pieces!

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