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72° in March? Must Be March Madness

Hello darlings! Ignoring the pun in my title, the first sunny days of spring are always my favorite. They make me feel like puppies are running around me licking my toes… okay, I admit, that is a weird image but basically sunny days make me feel great. This day it was 72° and it was the first time in months I was able to feel the sun on my legs and forearms.

I am aware that if you live on the coast of New England you’re getting quite a bit of snow this weekend. I’m sorry about that! Hopefully, this post makes you excited for the soon to come spring and you don’t hate me too much.

I bought this dress from SheInside. For those who don’t know SheInside, I would definitely recommend looking at their website. They have a great selection of unique pieces of clothing. This is my second time buying from them and this time, I’m more impressed. It took about 2 weeks to get my clothes whereas last time it took a month and a half. They’re definitely getting better at their customer service.


This dress originally had these plain, Amish looking buttons on the bust. I really did not like the way they looked because they made an entirely different vibe of the dress. So I decided to remove the buttons and sewed it up instead. It definitely made the dress a more fresh looking canvas. You can find the dress here.


If you’re kind enough to ignore the fact that my belt is slipping, you can appreciate how beautiful this dress really is. I love the bohemian feel with the slits on the side and the funky pattern on the cuffs and skirt. Since the dress was predominantly a bohemian feel, I added this beautiful belt from Ralph Lauren. If you remember reading my last post, I was drooling over this stunning belt. I think it is a great detail to this free-spirited dress.


Let me know if you’re ready for spring or want the weather to stay cold in the comments down below. Personally, I’m so happy it’s starting to warm up. It means I get to wear all my pretty dresses… I know I’m a girl at heart.

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