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5 Different Ways to Spice Up Your Workout

Hello darlings! Sometimes working out the same way can be extremely boring and can cause your body not to change for the better. If you do the same workouts again and again soon you’ll hit plateau. That basically means that your body is so used to the workout you are doing that it refuses to lose any more weight or will not tone your body any more. To fix this you need to spunk up your fitness plans with other types of workouts. I’ve thought of 5 easy classes you can take in order to spunk up your workout.



Burns 107 calories in 30 minutes or 214 calories in an hour.

I recently found pilates thanks to my roommate, Courtney. Pilates are a great way to stabilize and strengthen your core. I used to think my ab workout was hard… compared to a thirty-minute session at pilates, it’s nothing. This one really helps you strengthen your muscles to the point where you are shaking. The instructor will teach you creative ways to make you use your on body weight against you. As a result, you will become more flexible, stronger, and have better posture.




Burns 196 calories in 30 minutes or 393 calories in an hour.

Boxing is great for getting your heart rate up and helping you have quicker feet. This is also a great outlet for stress. If you have a lot of stress in your life I highly recommend going to a boxing studio. It’ll help you destress and get your heart rate up at the same time! Plus, your arms will look killer after doing a million and a half jabs.



Burns 86 calories in 30 minutes or 179 calories in an hour.

Yoga can help your mental and physical health. This is definitely a more relaxing workout but should not be taken lightly! The amount of different poses the instructor will teach you to do is hard and will push your body to figure out how to stay stabilized by using parts of your body that you didn’t know were there. If you want to burn a little bit more calories try out hot yoga. It’s a yoga room kept at a higher temperature so that you sweat more.




Burns 357 calories in 30 minutes or 714 calories in an hour.

The water in the pool provides resistance to help tone your muscles no other exercise can. Swimming is incredibly good for muscular endurance and strength training. Livestrong also found a study done by Nancy L. Case that “swimming may prolong your life. Swimmers have lower mortality rates than runners, walkers and those with sedentary lifestyles.” What a great excuse to get out there and swim!

Tabata 620.jpg


Burns 446 calories in 30 minutes or 893 calories in an hour.

Tabata is a High-Intensity Intervalt Training (HIIT), which means that you actually continue to burn calories even after the workout is over. Tabata doesn’t necessary need to be performed at a studio. You can perform it in your living room or a gym. Just download the free app “Tabata” (it’s a black app with a red clock). Tabata is 20 seconds and 10 seconds rest for four minutes. There are many different home tabata workouts you can find on Pinterest.


Cross Fit
Burns 382 calories in 30 minutes or 783 calories in an hour.
I went for my first cross fit class this summer and I was so intimidated when I walked in. Within the first five minutes of the work out I was sweating. I had so much fun doing this intense work out. Cross fit is very similar to Tabata but the difference is that it is a little bit more intense. The instructors usually get in your face and push you harder. It typically includes more cardio as well. The only downside to cross fit is how expensive it is. It gets very, very pricy.
I hope that gave you a few different ideas! I’m always looking for new ways to work out… that doesn’t involve running. It is so hard to motivate me to run but any of these I would would do in a heartbeat. If you have any more idea to add to the list let me know!

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