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A Berry Nice Time

Hello darlings! Those who of you who saw my last post, know that I visited family this past weekend. My cousins and I decided to go blueberry picking. I swear the blueberries in New York are so much better than the ones anywhere else. Almost every berry was the size of a quarter! I think I ate more berries than I put in my basket… but that’s okay!

I’m not going to lie, the only reason I wore this outfit instead of gym apparel is because I wanted to do an outfit post for you guys. It’s been a while! Normally when I’d go blueberry picking, I’d wear junky sneakers, gym shorts, and a big flowy tank top. Hey, at least I looked good sweating!

I decided to wear this dark wash tank top with these patterned, white shorts. I think this top would look even better with a pair of white skinny jeans. I’ve been looking for a pair for the longest time. One of these days I think I’ll have to splurge a little and finally get myself a pair. However, since it was 90°, I think it was best that I wore shorts. I love the funky pattern on them because it adds a little flair to this otherwise neutral outfit. As for the ring, I’m obsessed with this rich, gold ring from Madewell. Often times, I forget I am wearing because it is so comfortable. The sandals are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I’m in love with the lace up trend ever since I bought my first pair of lace up flats. I think it’s such a flattering and cleaver way to wear a shoe. These Steve Madden lace up sandals are great to wear with any summer outfit.

These sunglasses are from a little shop in New Jersey. I love the cat-eye frame for my face.

That was my berry picking experience in a nutshell! I actually made my first ever boomarang and posted it on Instagram. I’m pretty pumped on it so you should check it out and if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, you should follow me. My instagram is peculiarporter.

Have you ever been blueberry picking? There is something so great about picking your own food. I ended up making these buttermilk blueberry scones. Ugh, they were the most magnificent things I’ve ever made. I highly recommend you try this recipe. 

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