Summer Outfit -> Fall Outfit

Hello dalring! Summer is coming to an end and I am incredibly excited about this upcoming fall. I admit, fall is my favorite season because it means I get to cuddle up with  cozy cardigans and sassy scarves. But I will miss wearing shorts and catching the summer rays when I can.

I tried to make a summer transitioning into fall look. This outfit is perfect to wear on a fall day that is still way to warm to put on pants. For the chilly mornings you can throw on a black cardigan with this darling look.

My favorite part about this look is the charming shorts. I think everyone should own a pair of funky shorts because they add so much to everyone’s wardrobe. In order to make a shirt really pop one should pick a color least prominent in the shorts. That way the shirt will bring out the small details in the shorts. If you wanted to wear a different color with these shorts I would pick any of the three colors shown in the pattern. You could also be very daring and wear yellow because it’s so close to the green on the color wheel. These shorts were purchased at Marshalls and the brand is Kenar.

I adore this Loft shirt because of how laid back it is. It’s a dressy shirt that can actually be paired with any outfit and keep it casual. Plus, the vibrant green color is one of my favorite colors to wear.



These Sperry boat shoes are one of my favorite pieces for the fall season. The woven texture adds a new element to any outfit. Not only that but they’re incredibly comfy. I understand why everyone wore Sperry boat shoes in high school.

As for the bag, it’s a new addition to my collection. I’ve wanted a new  bag for quite sometime and finally decided to bite the bullet and shell out some money. I decided to get a matching wallet too. I see a “What’s in my bag” post sometime in the near future.


What is your favorite season? I honestly think I change my favorite with every season. But there is something about fall that warms my toes. Let me know in the comments down below what your favorite season is.

As always,

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.01.15 AM


Photo Credit: Danielle Giammatteo


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