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10 Items You Need in Your Fall Wardrobe

Hello darlings! How is your September 1st treating you? I hope you have said “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” three times fast. It’s good luck to say it the first of every month!

So, I’ve been in back to school frenzy this past couple of weeks. See, I don’t even move into college until Sunday and I have college fever (the sickness of constantly thinking about going back to school). I just miss seeing everyone’s darling faces. Since I’ve been in the state of mind I’ve been constantly thinking about back to school shopping and what I have and what I need to replace. This post helped me figure out what I still need to get for my fall wardrobe and I hope it helps you too!


Flannels are a great way to spice up any outfit. They are seriously the best way to add an extra element to any outfit. Just throw it around your waist, tuck one under a shirt, or wear it normally. I love throwing on a flannel over a white shirt and then throwing a fall jacket over that. It’s perfect for those chilly mornings and adds a chic factor to any outfit.

Chambray Button Down

Like the flannel, the chambray button down is a great item to just throw over a dress or tie around your waist. However, the difference is that it is more polished than a flannel. If you want to look more dressed up and polished I recommend you wear a chambray button down instead of a flannel. You’ll look like you tried really hard in the morning. Extra bonus points if you ironed it.

Statement Jewelry

I adore statement jewelry. It’s the perfect and simplest touch to any outfit. You can just throw on a jeweled necklace and BAM you look like a million bucks. Personally, I like statement jewelry the most because they can sometimes tell a story and sometimes explain something about you.

A Plain White Tee

This one is so boring but so necessary. You can do so much with a plain white tee… honestly, they’re the root of all happiness. You could probably take over the world in a white tee. They’re the perfect staple that you need in order to layer an outfit in the fall. You can even transition some summer dresses by throwing on a white tee and tying a knot. BAM instant new outfit.



Who doesn’t like to snuggle up wherever they are? That is what big, cozy cardigans are for. I love wearing oversized cardigans because they’re like wearing a blanket. Plus, the extra long ones cover your butt so you have extra protection in case your dress is too short or your pants are just a tad bit too tight. Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… perfect for layering!


Stud Earrings

This one might just be something I abide to, but I love my stud earrings. They’re a delicate little detail you can add easily into your outfits. I personally wear pearls or the earrings down below the most. I’m not someone who normally wears big statement earrings so if thats you… go all out! Power to you!



Flats are a staple for your wardrobe because they’re easy to throw on and they’re comfy! These particular ones have a little bit more sass than the average flats but that is what I like about them. I recommend having at least one black pair and maybe even a brown pair. I don’t actually own a brown pair and I’m on the hunt for a pair. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions!


Plain Dress

This is my number one staple. I love plain dresses because you can wear them a million different ways. For example, you can put a long sleeve, short sleeve, vest, blazer, jacket, graphic tee, or skirt over the dress and it becomes a completely different outfit. It’s better if you get a dress with straps so it’s easier to layer with other clothing pieces. It’s easier because the neckline will be easier to manipulate.


Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are a great way to add a little bit of your personality to  your outfit.This particular graphic tee I love because it shows a sassy, french girl with major attitude. I also love graphic tees with quotes, witty sayings, and funky patterns as well. They’re so much fun to style different ways.


Jean jacket, suede jacket, or leather jacket are all perfect for fall. I personally like having a few on hand so I can layer them. I am in love with this suede jacket I scored at Forever 21 for $7. It is the perfect fall staple.


Those are my top 10 picks that everyone needs in their fall wardrobe. Do you think I missed something? Let me know in the comments. Also, let me know if you know of any cute brown flat stores. I’m in love with Steve Madden products so it might be hard to stray. I’m willing to try though!

As always,

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