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Don’t Sweater It

Hello darling! Are you enjoying the autumn air like I am? I’m a huge sucker for the fall air and I don’t feel guilty at all. I love rich crimson red, olive greens, and brunt orange surrounding each and every corner. Also colder weather means you get to wear more layers, which is always a good decision in my book.

I decided to show you one of my favorite looks for the fall because I think it’s a staple outfit everyone should have. Not only is this outfit extremely easy to throw together, it’s also as comfy as yoga pants. Personally, I’m not someone who can ever bring herself to wearing sweatpants to class, but if you’re like that I totally recommend you giving this outfit a try. I would definitely wear this outfit to an early Monday or Friday class because of how comfy it is. You can still be comfy without sacrificing style.

Start with a shift dress because they’re the comfiest of all dresses. This particular one is a sweater dress from Forever 21. What is even better about this dress was that it was only $14. Forever 21 has this particular dress in many different colors, but I decided on this incredibly bright orange color because it would be a great contrast with this olive poncho. Ponchos like this are a great addition to any wardrobe because they are extremely comfy without sacrificing a dressed up look. This look would look incredibly different if I threw on a sweatshirt instead.

I decided to throw on a huge chunky necklace to balance out the outfit. I thought it was a great piece to add because there was so much that was covered up in this outfit. Sometimes, when I’m dealing with a lot of fabric I tend to throw on a big necklace to balance it out.

As for the shoes, I wanted to keep the outfit with the fall tones so I opted for these adorable woven Sperry’s. Not only are they cute, but they’re extremely comfy.





What is your favorite thing to wear to an early Monday class?

As always,

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