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My Favorite Fall Color

Hello darling! I hope you’re having a wonderful day filled with pumpkin spice lattes and happiness. I’m actually not a fan of pumpkin spice lattes, but since I have ears I know they’re all the rage this time of the year. However, my inner basic child does crawl out around this time and screams on the the top of the mountains, “I love fall!” Yes, fall is probably my favorite seasons… but it tends to change year by year. My favorite part of fall is when the leaves start to change. As soon as they fall, I know that a long winter season is ahead. If I didn’t live in New England I’m not sure if fall would be my favorite season only because of how magi

Since it still isn’t technically fall yet (September 22), I can get away with wearing outfits that don’t have a million layers. Trust me, those posts will be coming and they will be filled with lots of fun ways to incorporate layers! As for now, I can get away with wearing this simple shift dress in the 75° weather. I’m silently praying that it started getting colder so I can wear my enormous cardigans. This adorable, open back dress is from Forever 21. It is made of this incredibly light weight, soft material that makes you feel like you’re wearing a bed sheet. My favorite part of the dress is the open back that allows you to show off a cute bandeau. I decided to throw on same necklace I wore in my last post because it is incredibly eye-catching.

If I was wearing this dress at night time I would throw on my suede, motorcycle jacket. I don’t currently have a picture, but I will certainly do an outfit post with it later on in the delicious fall season.


What are you rocking during this warm fall weather? Link your blog posts in the comments or let me know! I love trying out new outfits.

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Photo Credit: Danielle Giammatteo


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