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Susie Has a Suede Tooth

Hello darling! Don’t you just love how you can wear pretty much any texture you want in the fall and get away with it? Leather, suede, flannel, cotton, spandex, lace, the list goes on and on. Normally, I love mixing up all of the fun textures and having an insane outfit, but for this outfit post I decided to keep it simple. I wanted to put a little spot light on the material suede. I’m so happy that this material has started to jump more and more out into the fashion scene. For those who don’t know, suede is just like leather but softer and usually not as edgy looking. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely edge up this material, but usually leather is way more daring than suede.

The suede elements of this outfit are my favorite. Whenever I throw on this suede jacket, I feel incredibly chic and confident. It’s something about the matte black and the way the zipper folds. This jacket was on some insane sale at Forever 21 last year. You need to check out their sales racks from time to time especially at the end of a season. You’ll find major scores like this one. I had to throw on my J.Crew suede flats because they match so perfectly. The tassels are really what have my hooked. I hope its a trend that stays for a while.

Now I’m not someone who normally wears gray, but when I saw this grey turtleneck dress in Forever 21 I had to get it. It is made out off this soft, stretchy material that you have to fall in love with. I also love that it isn’t just this plain matte gray. It has speckles of other types of gray mixed into it, which makes the dress appear more textured than it actually is. If you don’t know by now, I love shift dresses. I think everyone should own a few and then another one just incase something happens to the other three.

I decided to splash on a bit of color with my necklace. I adore this orange and black necklace from J.Crew. In comparison, it makes this outfit more suitable for the day of Halloween. If you don’t love the black and orange combination, I think you’re crazy!

What do you think about suede? Do you like it more or less than leather and why?

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