The fall of Instagram?
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The Fall of Instagram?

Hey darlings! A little bit different a post than normal. I wanted to open up a little bit of a discussion to see what you guys are thinking about this new Instagram change.

The fall of Instagram?
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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but for the past few weeks Instagram has been changing slowly. It seems as if every time I scroll on Instagram I’m seeing more and more advertisements and less content that I actually want to see.

I intern for Aubrey at The Coastal Confidence and she was explaining to me that since Instagram is owned by Facebook, that they’re trying to make the app more sponsor based. That means we’ll see more people promoting their pictures in order for them to be seen and less of your friend’s content.

My opinion… 

To me, it has been very frustrating seeing this big change. Instagram is something that has always been more of an intimate experience than other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. I’m someone who does follow a significant amount of well-known bloggers, but I really enjoy seeing my friend’s content as well as less known bloggers. When I log onto Instagram now, it seems to be more of just the well-known bloggers instead of my friend’s and less known bloggers. I almost am getting to the point where I need to go through an insta-purge and really see who’s content I still enjoy.

However, one thing that makes me not stray far from Instagram is the newly added InstaStories. This addition seems like a more artsy version of snapchat. Plus, I find it really amusing seeing what some of my favorite bloggers are doing in the weekend. It’s a great way to hear their voices and see the way they react to things. Plus, I adore when they do big hauls. It’s something that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to do on Instagram but if this app stays relevant we’ll never know!

What do you think?

Have you noticed this Instagram change? Does it make you want to rethink who you’re actually following? Do you think there will be a new groundbreaking social media app? Let me know in the comments down below. I’d love to hear your opinions about this.

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  • chelseafore

    I hope it’s not the end of Instagram! It’s by far one of my favorite social medias. I feel like it’s just a positive environment compared to facebook, where someone is usually complaining about something. But that’s just my experience. It wouldn’t surprise me if a new platform was right around the corner!

    • PeculiarPorter

      I really hope not either! I totally agree about the positive environment. It’s more about people showing fun moments instead of the generic complaining on Facebook. I could definitely see an another app coming out the question is what it is going to be though!

  • brownkittycat

    I don’t seem to see much changes as of now but I definitely don’t like how they calculate the algorithm where the popular pics are shown first. I usually like to see the newest pic from the people that I’m following instead of the one from a few days ago.

    I feel there’re no other choices as of now other than Instagram. Even if there is in the near future, it would be a headache to rebuild your followers on that platform again.

    • PeculiarPorter

      I agree with you that I’d rather see the newest picture instead of the promoted picture. I also totally agree that it would be a total headache to rebuild all your followers… ugh getting a headache just thinking about it. Fingers crossed that they just go back to making the pictures like a timeline.

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