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Why You Should Own Embroidered Jeans

Hello friend! I hope your Halloween was spooky and weird. Hopefully, many children came to your house and screamed “trick or treat” at you. Weirdly enough, we didn’t have that many trick or treaters this year. When I was little, we used to have a plethora of children running around our street. Children from other neighborhoods would come to my street on hayrides. I really hope that the trick or treating spirit isn’t dying but instead the children in my area have grown up.

Speaking of childhood, these pants brought me back to a weird memory of being tormented by my brothers and cousins. You see, I’ve always loved funky pants. I remember being tormented by my brothers and cousins because of this one pair of pants I would wear. They were awesome. They had this funky, abstract print and were made out of this mauve, pink color. “Logan Pink Pants Porter” still rings in my ears to this day. As you can tell, that chant or slight harassment didn’t deter me away from styling these awesome pants. IMG_4890.jpgStudded pants have been all the rage last year and they continue to dip into fall. Amal Clooney, Miley Cyrus, and Bella Hadid are just a handful of celebrities that have supported this major trend. Now, I’m not one to always jump on the trend bandwagon, but I couldn’t help but listen to my inner child when I saw this pair of pants. Not only were they studded but they also had these beautifully embroidered flowers. If that wasn’t enough for me to yank on the pair and drag them up to the cashier… they were also on sale. It’s like the pant-Gods were throwing lightning bolts at my feet. I just had to get them. IMG_4888.jpg

IMG_4896.jpgSo are embroidered jeans worth picking up? I think yes, yes, and double yes. This trend dates back to the 60’s and 70’s where embroidered jeans were all the rage. Artists and hippies decided to give life to their causal jeans and design them with colorful threads, patches, and textiles. Flowers, like the ones I’m wearing, were often placed on jeans to go alongside the bohemian and Woodstock influence. Although the patches and studs weren’t as carefully placed as they are in this 2017 trend, the embroidery still has a similar objective: to allow expression into your everyday style.

A few reasons why you should jump on this trend:

  • Embroidery is a great way to express your personal style. There are political and movement patches you can incorporate.
  • These pants allow you to experiment with another style. If you remember this post, you know I’m big on experimenting with fashion.
  • Adds another texture to your outfit, which adds dimension to your outfit.
  • Allows an opportunity to start a conversation.
  • Opportunity to wear neutrals without thinking twice about it.

Studded PantsStudded Pants

The best part about these jeans is that you can create them yourself. You could simply grab patches and start sewing or ironing them on. But, if you want the easy way out I found a few similar pairs:


1 ($59.99), 2 ($119.50), 3 ($47), 4 ($92), 5 ($32)

What is your opinion on the embroidered jean? Would you rock a pair of embroidered jeans? Let me know in the comments down below.

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