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Clean Reserve’s Citron Fig: an Ethically Made Perfume (Review)

If you saw my post from Tuesday, you know I’m pretty much diving into the world of sustainable, ethical goods blindly. No actually, you could probably put a blindfold over my clueless head and I’d be in the same exact spot. But one thing I do know is that I need to start researching more and more about what and how I’m consuming products.

During the Christmas season, my boyfriend gave me Clean Reserve’s Citron Fig perfume and not only did I fall for the delicious smell but I fell for the company itself. (Props to Rob for really knowing how to give good gifts). The more I researched Clean Reserve and their sustainability practices, the more I started to love the company. They not only use reusable materials, clean energy, eco-friendly oils, but they even pay their workers fairly. Literally, what more could you love about a company?


Citron Fig by Clean Reserve

Fragrance Notes: Ginger, lemon oil, cardamom, mandarin, mint, copaiba, sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk.

What it Smells Like: Having a really good dream and then waking up to the soft glow of the sun on your cheek. It also has the possibility of taking you back in time to the moment where you were first able to ride a bike without training wheels. Hey, I warned you.

The Perfume’s InspirationInspired by a free-spirited confidence that awakens when you realize your true potential.

Perfect forThe up and comer (aka totally me because I’m still trying to figure out the big, bad adult world).

How long does it last: 6-8 hours


Sustainable IngredientsThey procure Cardamom from a local supplier in Guatemala who works directly with native Guatemalan farmers. This allows Clean to guarantee that the local farmers receive a higher profit for the essential oils and a steady income. Working directly with the communities in the Amazon and providing them with technical and financial support ensures the sustainable sourcing of Copaiba Oil and an increase of income for the farmers.

There are so many reasons why I think this is such an incredible company but the main one is that they are actually paying their farmers a living wage. My mom grew up on a dairy farm and from this, I know how hard farmers have to work in order to get the job done. Most of the time farmers are undercut by big corporations even though the farmers are doing all of the hard work. You often see this in any type of farm work from cotton farming to milk production to even essential oils. Companies like Clean Reserve are putting a stop to this unfair practice. I couldn’t be happier to wear their playful scent because of this.

For more information about their sustainable practices including their packaging I decided to pull this super informative picture from their website:


Now that I know more about their company I literally want to try them all… is that bad? If I had to try another one next it would definitely be the Sueded Oud because we all know how I feel about patchouli (if you don’t definitely check out my weirdly obsessive blog post on this candle. But Sueded Oud is apparently for “the boss” so I might have to wait a while until I get to that level!

Have you ever heard or smelled perfumes from Clean Reserve? Let me know in the comments down below.

As always,

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  • Diva Named Dom

    Okay, so boyfriend has a name and his name is Rob… I feel a picture coming up soon, haha!

    This is AWESOME. I think if we, as a generation, foster these budding brands, conscious consumption will become less of a trend and more of a way of life. I think it’s really great that you have this platform to share with all of us your findings! Lovely post! I have to try this brand! Patchouli is the common denominator in all of my fragrances so I definitely have to give it a go!

    Dom | http://www.DivaNamedDom.com

    • PeculiarPorter

      Oh my goodness, you’re the second blogger to tell me that! I guess Robs really like to date bloggers 😂🙈

      You are the sweetest thing! I really hope that the more ethical companies prosper the more unethical companies wake up and realize that they can do business a different way. After all, organic food aisles were on heard of a few years ago and now they’re at most grocery stores. A girl can only dream that this change happens in the clothing companies too 😊

  • DRC

    I don’t do well with perfumes, but this scent has made me incredibly happy. I get stopped constantly by women asking what it is. Citron Fig hands down is the best scent Clean has ever made and I’m furious as I found out the other day it may have been discontinued. I’ve been buying up bottles everywhere online. How does a company let a woman fall in love with a scent, then take it away? Perfume is like an identity. I’m just heartbroken.

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