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5 Ways to Love Your Clothes Longer

When it comes to style and trends, there is always this idea that you need new clothes in order to stay fashionable. In my mind, that is just plain dumb. Yes, it’s always fun to incorporate new trends into your wardrobe, but you can also work with what you already have. By creating new pieces with these simple DIY projects, you’ll be able to turn some heads with your own unique trend. Instead of throwing things away, love your clothes longer. Just like you wouldn’t give up on a good friend, don’t give up on a good piece of clothing.

Switch out what is broken

I ended up washing the tank top above on the wrong setting and one of the straps broke. It has always been one of those shirts that I would throw on a day where I needed to feel good about myself (if you don’t already have one of these types of shirts you need one ASAP). Instead of doing the easy thing and throwing out my favorite shirt, I decided I wanted to save it by just cutting off the straps completely and sewing on pearl straps. Now, I constantly get compliments on this top because of the straps. So forget throwing out your favorite shirt, do something about the problem instead.

Create art out of the old fabric. 

I have a ton of old skirts in my closet that are waaaay too short to ever be worn in public again. Instead of throwing them away, I really want to make pillows out of them. Most of them are this obnoxious shiny material that would look way better as a pillow than a skirt. Thank you rebellious teenage angst. So instead of throwing away your tacky, youthful items, think of another way you can use them. If you don’t think you can salvage them… some of them might just make great rag towels too.

Check out more of my saved DIY repaired clothing pins here. 

Sew or paint something on top of a stain

I keep seeing these beautifully embroidered jeans on Pinterest and I’m dying to try it out. These faint x’s and dashes look effortless against the clean-cut jean material. I also love the idea of hiding a grease stain by painting directly on top of them. I didn’t have a stain on this pair of jeans but so far this is my favorite DIY project to date. I also have a jean pencil skirt that I wore out once and dropped gyro grease on… just my luck. I’m definitely going to incorporate it into a DIY project like this soon so stay tuned.

Distressed and patched pants always beautiful

One thing that never goes out of style is a unique pair of blue jeans. Whether you’re wearing a clean pair or styling a distressed pair of jeans, you look good. Cover up a tear with a patch or fray the rip even more by using sandpaper and a steak knife. You can make one pair of jeans look completely different just by adding a little bit of imagination.

If you’re bored of it or grew tired of it, change something about it

I despise the color grey. It’s a horrible color that I’m convinced looks good on no one. I know it and you secretly know it. Instead of just growing tired of this grey sweatshirt I decided to do something about it. It took me countless hours sewing on these little beads onto this sweatshirt, but when I was done I was so incredibly excited to showcase my school’s colors and constantly receive compliments on my cute DIY project. One day I’m going to retire the sweatshirt, frame it, and put it in my office. It’s a cute way to change a piece of clothing and make it art.


How do you make your clothes last longer? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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