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Lake George Getaway + Sagamore Wedding

This past weekend you were bombarded with a plethora of Lake George pictures on Instagram and I have no regrets. My entire family came from all over the country to celebrate my cousin’s wedding at the Sagamore Resort and it was everything you could have imagined. Lake George is seriously out of a fairytale book. There are these gorgeous mountains at every corner and water clearer than anything you’ve ever seen in the states. If you’re in the New England area or near New York… it’s time you take a trip to see the wonders of Lake George.

Thursday: Row Boating + Exploring Bolton Landing

On Thursday, it was forecasted to rain the entire day but we ended up getting lucky for the weather to clear up enough to explore. We rented a house that was part of the Trout House Village Resort but was secluded from all of the other families. With the resort, we were able to have access to a private beach, kayaks, rowboats, paddle boats, canoes, and every kind of outdoor game you can think of. My brother, Andrew, and I decided to take our fishing poles and a rowboat once the weather cleared up. We lasted about four hours until we had to hurry back to land. Sadly, we didn’t end up catching anything but we had fun trying.

The storm only lasted a few hours, so after dinner, we traveled about 30 minutes to Bolton Landing to satisfy my mom’s sweet tooth. We ended up getting cones from Ben and Jerry’s and then roamed around town. We popped into an antique shop that had such an incredible selection of records, old magazines, signs, and so much more. I visited this little antique shop two years ago and purchased an old flag. My brother ended up buying three records from the store.
Bolton Landing.jpgimg_1919

Friday: Hiking Cook Mountain + Tanning by the Beach

The sun cleared up on Friday so my family and I decided to conquer Cook Mountain. The hike started off fairly easy and then the rest of the hike was an uphill battle. The hike got the best of me at a few points, but, boy, was the view worth it. On the top of the mountain, you can see both Lake George and Lake Champlain.

Heather, my brother’s fiance, purchased these hilarious shirts that read “inhale the good shit – exhale the bullshit.” You can find similar ones on Etsy in all different types of colors. This shirt is going to be perfect for pilates and yoga sessions.

After our trek up the mountain, we all headed to the beach and relaxed. We ended up taking the kayaks out for a spin before we had to go back to the house and get ready for my cousin’s meet and greet. I worked up a good tan… and a little sunburn but I’ll never admit it out loud.

Lake George Getaway + WeddingLake George Getaway + Wedding

Saturday: Wedding at the Sagamore Resort

Ahh, finally, the reason we went up to Lake George- Katie and Taylor’s wedding. The location of the wedding was surreal. Everywhere you look in Lake George you see these beautiful mountains and crystal blue water. These pictures actually make us look like we’re in some James Bond movie attending an event on a private island. If you get that impression, I’m ay-okay with that. The wedding was filled with delicious food, wild dance moves, and good company… exactly what you want at a wedding.

I looked everywhere for a sustainable, formal dress but ended up coming short. I was originally planning to do Rent the Runway, but since I was gone for so long I settled on this coral-red dress from Nordstrom (similar). I will most likely sell this dress on eBay or see if a friend wants to borrow it for another event. I’m trying guys, I’m trying. I have another wedding in August so we’ll see if I have better luck finding a formal, sustainable dress by then.

img_2562Sagamore Wedding - Katie and TaylorSagamore Wedding - Katie and Taylor

Sunday: Ride Home + Outlets

Katie and Taylor had a brunch following the wedding so we traveled back to the Sagamore and said our goodbyes. Following the brunch, we traveled to the outlets where I ended up purchasing a few classic staples from J.Crew.

Have you ever been to Lake George or the Sagamore? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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