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Causebox’s Summer 2018 Socially Conscious Subscription Box

I kid you not, I’ve been wanting to order a Causebox since I found out about this company two years ago. After I had such great success with Love Goodly, I decided to finally bite the bullet and order Causebox’s Summer 2018 box. Causebox is a subscription box that delivers $150 worth social conscious goodies for a seasonal fee of $49.95. After receiving my first box, I’m actually kicking myself for not jumping on the bandwagon earlier. I was shocked by how many great products I received for such a little fee. Plus, it was like celebrating the start of the season with all of the summer centered goodies. Causebox Summer 2018Causebox Summer 2018

Exclusive Tribe Alive Clutch/Purse

I already know this clutch/purse is going to be a staple this summer. The versatility this bag has is ideal for all of the random activities that happen in the summer. The bag can be worn as a cross body with the simple addition of a chain or can be worn as a clutch just by simply folding over the top. I can easily see myself bringing this along at farmers markets or out for a few drinks. Tribe Alive employees artisans in India and Texas and believes in radical transparency in their production. They made this clutch/purse exclusive for Causebox’s Summer 2018 box.

Fair Seas Supply Co. Turkish Towel – $44.00

When I was lounging by the lake last weekend, I brought this towel with me and absolutely loved how lightweight it was in the hot, upstate sun. Since the towel is so lightweight, it makes the perfect cover up just by tieing a simple knot on your side. Fair Seas Supply Co. developed these towels out of organic cotton grown near the Aegean Sea in Turkey. If you remember from this post, cotton is one of the biggest contributors to pesticide consumption. By buying organic cotton, you support chemical-free farming that is better for the environment.

Kevia Tassel Necklace 

This necklace is one long chain with two tassels connected at the end. The chain is such an eye-catching piece because of how the metal shimmers in the light. I love how you can wear this necklace 6 different ways based on how you tie it. Kevia is focused on trying to make her jewelry with the least amount of environmental impact as possible. She focuses on shorter transportation and each piece is put inside a reusable cloth bag that can be reused again and again.
Causebox Summer 2018Causebox Summer 2018

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil, 75 ml – 8.4 fl. oz. bottle for $25.00

Cruelty-Free. Sustainably-Grown & Ethically-Produced Almonds. 

This shower oil smells like baby powder and freshly cut flowers and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. This oil is made with sustainably-grown, ethically-produced almonds. L’Occitane celebrates International Women’s Day by producing a new Solidarity Balm each year. They then donate 100% of the profits to the L’Occitane Foundation’s Women’s Leadership program in Burkina Faso. In the last 10 years, the foundation has helped more than 10,000 women learn how to read and write and microfinance more than 8,000 loans to empower women in business and in life. Talk about an incredible company!

Zoya Nail Polish, Set of 3 – $10.00 each

USA made. Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Free of 10 of the most toxic chemicals found in nail polish.

From my last subscription box post, you know I’m a nail polish fiend. I absolutely love painting my nails but found out how bad the polishes can be to your health. I’m so happy these subscription boxes are bringing these incredible companies to my attention so I can try out the different polishes for size. The red is called “Sonja”, the white is “Purity”, and the beige is called “Jack”. I’m definitely going to be painting my nails white ASAP because it always makes you look extra tan. 

Karuna Antioxidant+ Sheet Masks, Set of 4 – $28.00

Paraben-Free. Dye Free. Mineral Oil Free. Vegan. 

I’m actually writing this post with one of these sheet masks on and I feel like I’m being transported to an elegant spa. Karuna partners with the Beauty Bus Foundation to provide beauty products to the terminally ill. I love how this company gives back to others and tries to help sick patients feel beautiful.

Causebox Summer 2018

Coco Dávez Art Card/Postcard

Coco designed a postcard that can be framed or mailed to a friend. She also designed the box’s vibrant colors so that it is eye-catching for everyone to look at.

D.Stil 28 oz. Water Bottle in Coral Pink – $14.99

The first thing I reached for in this box was this adorable water bottle. I have a weird thing with water bottles and cannot go more than a few hours without one. D.Stil’s water bottle is very unique because instead of a cap where you can screw it off, you just pinch the sides that pull upwards. The best part about this water bottle is that it is easy to wash because of squeezing feature. Instead of using a plastic tie, the company decided to include a hairband with the label.  D.Stil partners with and has impacted over 12 million people with access to safe drinking water and sanitation systems.

Causebox Summer 2018

In summary, I’m definitely kicking myself for not ordering Causebox much, much earlier. I was pleasantly surprised by how much the company offers for a seasonal fee of $49.95. Please, it gives me the perfect excuse to try out new products and companies. You’ll definitely see this clutch, beach towel, and necklace featured in upcoming posts and on Instagram. This box is currently sold out, but they made an alternative to the Causebox’s summer 2018 box so that people who are late to the game can still get one. Check out that box here. 

Have you ever heard of Causebox? What do you think about a socially conscious subscription service? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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