Jewelry Companies that Give Back to the Community
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Timeless Jewelry that Gives Back to the Community

Do you ever stumble on a company like Toms or the Giving Keys and just want to cling to everyone and tell them how wonderful this company is? Well if you’re raising your eyebrows at me then okay, maybe it’s just me and maybe that’s why I type all these words on this little MacBook screen. But if you’re like me, you’re going to want to know about these two jewelry companies that give back to the community.

Before we get into the jewelry companies I’m head over heels with, let’s talk about this adorable, patterned dress. I found it on my third ever thrifting trip (slow clap for me learning the art of thrifting). I originally thought the print was waaaay too loud to wear in public. To my surprise, when I threw it on it broke up the crazy pattern and actually looked pretty good. Note to self: When you’re thrifitng try on a few things that are a little outside your comfort zone. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually like it.


Threads Worldwide

One of my favorite sustainable fashion bloggers, Kat from Conscious N Chic, posted a picture with these earrings on and loved them instantly. So when Threads Worldwide reached out to me and asked if they could send me a pair, I was overcome with joy. No, seriously, I haven’t stopped wearing them since I received them. I only take them off in the fear of ripping off my earlobe during my sleep (someone please tell me how they wear earrings to bed??). The cool thing about dangly earrings like this is that it instantly makes an outfit feel more dressed up. You can wear a simple tee and be like BAM look at my fancy self.

The best part about this company is that the beauty doesn’t stop at the products. Threads Worldwide employees artisans from 15 different countries to provide them with life-changing opportunities. Each artisan is paid a fair wage so that they can provide for their families and make a difference in their communities. Many of the artisans are survivors of sex trafficking, have special needs, or are facing social, economic, or political hardships. Ultimately, Threads Worldwide’s goal is to allow artisans to reach their potential to thrive, not just survive. 


Twist Ring | Circle Medallion Ring

AUrate New York

Rings have a sweet place in my heart because it allows people to be distracted from my nubby, little fingernails. Jokes aside, I’m ring obsessed. I love finding new rings every place I go and am constantly wearing 2+ rings at all times. Something about them just makes me feel feminine and sweet. I was looking for daintier rings when I came across AUrate New York and instantly fell in love with their timeless gold rings. All of their jewelry is sustainably made in New York with durable materials and transparent pricing.

Ethical sourcing. AUrate has a big selection of stackable rings made out of 14 and 18 karat gold. Since gold mining is notorious for its environmental damage, exploitative labor practices, and funding of conflicts, AUrate uses 100% recycled gold to make each piece. Their pearls are also sustainably farmed from family-run farms to create job opportunities for local communities. Since my family owns a dairy farm, I know how hard family-run farms have to work in order to make a profit. Thus, why it is incredibly important to me to support companies who help the little guy out. Lastly, AUrate tracks every single diamond from mine to workshop to your hands to make sure that they are from the most verifiably ethical and environmentally sound sources. Although they adhere strictly to the Kimberly Process  (the international system certifying conflict-free diamonds), they don’t think that is enough.  AUrate insists that the mines offer decent working conditions, fair pay, respect local indigenous communities, and protect the environment.

Giving Back. The big thing that made me fall for AUrate was their pay it forward mission for the kids in New York City. For every purchase, AUrate puts a book directly in the hands of a child who needs it. These books are in an effort to help give low-income children the opportunities to succeed. In America, 88% of American children will see their careers compromised because of reading deficiencies. So when companies like AUrate provide children with reading opportunities, they’re helping them in the long haul.

I decided to get two rings that would look perfect stacked or separated from AUrate.  One of the rings has a beautiful twisted design that adds texture to any look. The other ring has a small medallion that you can have a letter engraved on. I chose to leave it blank because I loved the simplicity of the design. They are both extremely lightweight and I constantly forget that they are on.


What is your favorite company that gives back to local communities or pays it forward? Do you have any newbie thrifting tips? Let me know in the comments down below.

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Disclaimer: AUrate New York and Treads Worldwide contacted me to try out their products and they personally sent me these pieces to try. Every thought and opinion expressed on Peculiar Porter are entirely mine alone and do not reflect the views or opinions of AUrate New York or Threads Worldwide. These are my own words on two jewelry pieces I’ve been loving. 


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