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6 Travel Souvenirs to Collect on Your Next Trip

When it comes to traveling, it’s always fun to look back at the memories you have created. What better way to show people than by the little trinkets you picked up along the way. Some people collect spoons, graphic tees, shot glasses, or even pens but these are my favorite items to add to my collection when I travel.

#1: Pins

I started collecting pins when I studied abroad in Italy. Pins were by far the easiest thing to collect because they not only were cheap (ranging from 1€-5€), but they were easy to carry. My collection has started to grow over the years to a whopping 36 pins. I am still on the hunt for more. My goal is to have every inch of this pin holder filled as soon as possible.

Travel Souvenirs

#2: Ornaments 

When we went to Italy, my friend started collecting ornaments and I absolutely love the idea. Depending on the location, it can sometimes be very difficult to find an ornament. You really have to be creative sometimes. For example, we thought we lost a room key at one of the hotels we were staying at and my friend found out that she had the key the entire time. Instead of throwing it away, she hole punched it, put a ribbon in it, and made an ornament. (Pictured above are ornaments from Siena, Barcelona, and Capri)


#3: Rings, Necklaces, or Earrings

There is something special about a piece of jewelry that holds a memory. I have two rings from a little shop near my college that I wear constantly. I still remember the exact day of getting them. When you buy something of quality that will stay with you for years, it’s a great souvenir. Plus, you get to wear and reminisce your trip more often.

#4: Playing Cards

One of my friends always collects playing cards every time he travels. He has over 13 different decks and loves how he can get a different range of pictures on them. Plus, he can always put the cards to good use by playing while he is traveling to his next location.


#5: Maps 

Okay, honestly, these pictures definitely don’t fit the theme but this is what I ended up doing with all the maps I collected over my study abroad trip. (For those who don’t know I participated in my college’s Trashion Fashion where you design a dress entirely out of trash for Earth Day). You’re going to go through a ton of maps even if it’s the 21st century. I mean… they’re everywhere. So pick up one with lots of colors and make a shadow box or put it in a scrapbook with the rest of your picture. Trust me, you’ll love that you saved it down the road. Plus, most of them are free so it is an easy thing to pick up if you’re traveling on a budget.

#6: Postcards

The fun thing about postcards is that you can write down a quick memory on the back of the card and reminisce about how you felt. This is a great souvenir if you don’t journal or blog about what you saw. Plus, if you can’t get that “dream shot” it’s a perfect way to get it.

Do you collect anything when you travel or just in general? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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