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6 Thrifting Bloggers to get Inspiration​ From

You know how some people are really into celebrities and can name a bunch of them for no apparent reason? Well, I’m terrible when it comes to knowing what celebrity is doing god-knows-what with so and so’s boyfriend. It just doesn’t interest me in any way shape or form. However, when it comes to bloggers and YouTubers I absolutely love it seeing what they’re up to. No really, I spend an unhealthy amount of time watching people do little hauls on InstagramStories. I came across one thrifting blogger and fell into a hole where I needed to find all of the thrifting bloggers out there. I came across these six incredible bloggers that show a positive life in the world of second-hand clothing.

Thrifting Bloggers

But first, why is shopping second hand so important?

The average American throws away 82 pounds of textile waste each year. That is as much as a middle schooler weighs. Donating the used clothing is great until you realize how much of the clothing doesn’t get sold. In fact, it is reported that only 10% of the clothes we donate actually get sold… and that number is only expected to increase with the rise of fast fashion stores. When the clothes don’t get sold in second-hand shops, they get boxed up and sent to developing countries. The clothes there then ruin the textile factories there because they have so many clothes. Some of the clothes also end up in landfills and take over 200 years to decompose all while producing toxic chemicals. By shopping second-hand, you help decrease the amount of textile waste while receiving a unique wardrobe. 


Patrice from Looking Fly on a Dime

Instagram | Blog

Patrice has so much joy when she talks it practically leaps off your phone screen and changes your mood. As a TV host, she has some incredible tips and tricks up here sleeve. Her blog is filled with content about loving your clothes longer and being able to wear them in different ways. Follow if you love positive energy and creative ways to wear what you already have. 


Mallory from Mallory on the Moon

Instagram | YouTube

Last year, I started following Mallory after a friend of mine posted about how great her feed was. Let me tell you, this girl knows how to make an Instagram feed look like a dime and a half. She always comes up with a unique pose and has incredible editing skills. Other than her awesome feed, she goes on awesome thrifting tips and finds the most unique items. Some of the things she ends up finding I would never wear but somehow she pulls it off each and every time. Follow if you love watching Instastories, coming up with creative photo poses, and to get out of your fashion creative zone.. 

Thrifting BloggersBetsy from Goldwill Digger

Instagram | Blog

Betsy has some of the most vibrant photos that will literally stop your tracks on Instagram. On her blog, you can find her giving helpful tips on thrifting and what items you should always look for. Follow her if you love vibrant colors and need some tips on thrifting. 

Thrifting Bloggers

Hannah from Never Ever Pay Retail 

Instagram | Blog

When it comes to thrifting you don’t often think of preppy but Hannah definitely changes that stereotype! Her feed is filled with classic preppy looks that you will literally want to shake her and ask how she found such incredible thrifts. Plus, her blog has helpful tips on transforming on a piece into multiple different looks. Follow her if you love preppy styles and want to use your closet in different ways. 

Thrifting Bloggers

Lauren from Passing Whimsies 

Instagram | Blog

Lauren has a complete section on her blog that is dedicated to thrifting and has some of the best blog photos I’ve ever seen. No seriously, she has perfected the head over the shoulder and walking look perfectly. Her style photos are beautiful and come with unique perspectives on why second hand should be first on your list. Check her out if you want to see some amazing photos and sit down for a while. 

Thrifting Bloggers

Brandi from Run Style Run

Instagram | Blog

Brandi has beautiful warm toned photos of her wearing adorable feminine pieces. She is the ideal thrifting blogger for a feminine look. I lover her breezy dresses and laid back photos. Follow her if you love a feminine bohemian style.

Tomorrow is National Thrift Shop day so after you get some major thrift shopping inspiration from these bloggers make sure you go out and pick out some great digs. Before you go out, make sure you check out this post on my only piece of advice on thrift shopping. I’ll be posting my favorite thrifted finds tomorrow on Instagram so be sure to check that out tomorrow.

Who are your favorite thrifting bloggers? Let me know in the comments down below.

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