5 New England Activities You Need to do this Fall
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5 New England Activities You Need to Do this Fall

I hope you’re ready for fall because I sure am! Although New England weather is still a sweltering 80°F, I’ve been slowly sneaking out all of the fall clothes from underneath my bed. I mean, my flannels and thick sweaters just need a breather after being neatly tucked away all summer. So, once the weather starts to cool down, here are 5 New England activities I plan on doing this fall season and I hope you do too.

5 New England Activities You Need to do this FallGearing Up for Fall

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Pulling Out the Fall Sweaters and Cozy Cardigans

If you’re like me, you’re probably extremely excited about the anticipation of being able to finally layer your clothes. I admit, back in March, I was about ready to light my sweaters on fire because I was sick of seeing them Nonetheless, I’m counting down the days for them to make the fall debut. I’ve literally been planning outfits left and right so that once it’s finally cool I have endless opportunities to rock new outfits.

Head Over to a Local Orchard or Farmers Market to Grab Some Sweets

The best part about fall is that you have every excuse in the book to eat delicious treats. From apple cider to glazed donuts, these are the best items out there. Farm stands and orchards this time of the year are booming with delicious treats that are not only “Instagram perfect” but they taste even better than the look. It’s time to make a stop at your local farmer’s market or orchard to grab a bunch of sweet treats. Don’t forget your reusable bag!

Go Thrifting for Seasonal Treasures 

The bittersweet thing about a new season is that the thrift stores are flooded with new items. Whether people are making room in their closet for new fall items or getting rid of this season’s items, thrift stores have a ton of items to look through. I went thrifting this past Sunday and found four different sweaters that are going to be perfect for this upcoming season. I’ve also been finding tons of thick suede and corduroy skirts. If you’re looking for something unique definitely stop by a thrift store or look at my guide to shopping ethical this fall season.

5 New England Activities You Need to do this Fall5 New England Activities You Need to do this Fall

Head Over to a Local Fair

You know you’re from a small town when your schools close for the local fair. Mind you the Durham Fair is one of the largest agricultural fairs in New England, but it still shows how small of a town I grew up in. In high school, we used to get volunteer credit for volunteering at one of the local booths at the fair. I always ended up at the chocolate covered banana booth because, uhm, chocolate and bananas are the definition of happiness. If you live in Connecticut, I highly recommend stopping at the Durham Fair cute animal shows and delicious food (currently dreaming of the gyros). If you’re not in Connecticut, look up a local fair near you and eat your heart out.

Do a Corn Maze

Okay, I admit, you can really tell that I’m from a small town when I include “do a corn maze” in my fall activity list. I literally have no shame because I grew up near an adorable orchard that creates an elaborate maze each year. Sometimes it is a Yankees vs Red Socks maze and other times it is a maze celebrating something big, like Lyman Orchard’s 275th anniversary. Regardless of what it is, it’s a ton of fun. Plus, if your corn maze is at a local orchard you can definitely reward yourself with some apple cider donuts (they’re clearly on my mind right now).

5 New England Activities You Need to do this Fall5 New England Activities You Need to do this Fall

As for now, I’ll be rocking my tank tops and sandals until the heat is ready to say buh-bye. No rush though because I know as soon as it snows for the second time I’ll be praying for warmer weather. Ahh, the life of being a New Englander.

What are your favorite New England activities in the fall? What are you most excited about for fall? Do you have any fall traditions that you do? Let me know in the comments down below.

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