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Why Graphic T-Shirts are a Necessity in my Wardrobe

Okay, I normally don’t post on days other than Tuesday and Thursday but clearly this post needed to be posted on a Friday. When it comes to graphic t-shirts and me, we go together like fries and ketchup. One of my favorite posts on my blog is me styling a graphic t-shirt with a loud skirt. There is something about a graphic t-shirt that adds so much pizazz to an outfit. Plus, I’m a hard believer that your outfit says a lot about how you’re feeling and what better way to broadcast that than a graphic tee?

Thank God its FridayThank God its Friday

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Graphic t-shirts are the best way to add personality to your outfit.

Clearly, this shirt just screams I’m-ready-for-the-weekend-more-than-you-can-even-imagine. I’m actually heading up to see a bunch of my college friends this weekend and, yes, I’m beyond ready for the weekend. The cool thing about graphic t-shirts is that you can really show off how you’re feeling, things you’re passionate about, or just really cool artwork. Plus, if you pair them with patterned items like a leopard skirt or polka dot pants you can instantly have an “Instagram worthy” outfit.

Graphic t-shirts can tone down any dressy piece.

No matter if you have a sequined skirt or really want to wear that brand-new blazer, a graphic t-shirt can really tone down a look. For example, this skirt can easily be dressed up without a graphic t-shirt or dressed down with one. So, if you want to rock a really fancy item just through on a graphic t-shirt to make it more casual. I could easily make wear this fancy dress if I just tie a simple graphic tee over the top… instantly chic outfit.

Thank God its FridayThank God its Friday

Graphic t-shirts are one of the easiest items to just throw on.

Whenever I’m running late and have no idea what to wear, a graphic t-shirt is my go to. It’s something that I can easily throw on over a dress or skirt and then tie a little knot on it. If I throw on a necklace or dangly earrings it automatically makes you look like you tried very hard when in reality you just threw on something.

You can even make your own graphic t-shirt.

When it comes to creativity, it doesn’t stop at just the store doors. You can make a graphic t-shirt into literally anything you want. Earlier this year I ironed on letters on a simple t-shirt and made this adorable shirt. You use so many different mediums on graphic t-shirts to create anything you want. Just purchase a simple t-shirt, like this one from Everlane, and paint, sew, patch, or even spray paint some artwork. I’m slowly teaching myself how to sew on t-shirts so stay tuned for a  future DIY of that.

Where to find ethically produced graphic t-shirts:

Some of the best graphic t-shirts are found at thrift stores but there are also really cool, ethically produced graphic tees. For example, Mate the Label produces California inspired t-shirts in low batches so there isn’t leftover materials. Dazey LA t-shirts are made by small, women-run businesses in LA. They have some of the coolest graphic t-shirts I know of. For more examples of graphic t-shirts that can support ethical values like these ones click on this link.  

Thank God its Friday

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What are your favorite graphic tees? Are graphic tees a staple in your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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