What to Wear to a Street Festival in the Fall
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What to Wear to a Street Festival in the Fall

The best day of the year has come and left like a tumbleweed through my heart. Lark Fest, a street festival in New York, is a day where Siena alumni from all over crawl out from underneath the floorboards and come for a day filled with street vendors, live music, and prancing to each and every bar. Not only is it one of the best college reunion weekends, but it’s also a day full of cute outfits and blissful college memories.

For those of you who do not know what Lark Fest is, it is a street fair that is dedicated to live music and entertainment including top regional bands, visual art, craft vendors, and food trucks. The entire festival is located on Lark Street which is a street filled with multiple bars, thus why a bar crawl is accustomed during Lark Fest.

Street festivals are filled to the nines with outfits that are both adorable and practical. Find out what to wear to your local street festival down below.

What to Wear to a Street Festival in the FallWhat to Wear to a Street Festival in the Fall

What I Wore

My college friends and I were all distraught on the idea of what to wear this year because it is usually warmer. This year was a little bit different with temperatures in the mid to high 60’s. I know, a worldwind. So instead of cute crop tops and summer dresses, I decided to go for a four-year-old, slouchy sweater, a thrifted maxi skirt, a statement belt, and my Thursday boots. This extremely cozy outfit helped me stay warm and content throughout the day. I also found out that this skirt has a pattern on the inner layer so that you can wear it two different ways. Literally the coolest thing ever!

What to Wear to a Street Festival in the FallWhat to Wear to a Street Festival in the Fall

Wear comfortable walking shoes.

Since street festivals usually mean you’re going to be on your feet all day, I highly recommend wearing either flat booties or comfortable boots. If your street festival is in an old city, like Lark Fest, there might be cobblestone streets that you’re going to have to walk on. So instead of the big heeled booties, it might be wise to wear a flat pair instead. I decided to wear these boots and they definitely did the trick for the day.

Wear something you can easily move around in.

Now that I’m an adult, I’m starting to become more about the functionality of an outfit. I could have easily worn a short corduroy skirt but I knew I would be miserable walking around. A midi skirt allowed me to comfortably move around… and even run around… with no care in the world.

A crossbody bag or a wristlet always works wonders.

If you can’t tell by now, crossbody bags and I go together like bees and honey. They are by far the most functional bag because you can just cross it over your body and completely forget about it. If you don’t want to lug around a crossbody bag you can also opt for a wristlet if you don’t think you’re going to purchase anything at the street vendors.

What to Wear to a Street Festival in the Fall

Do you have any street festivals or markets near you? What do you normally wear? Let me know in the comment down below.

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