Using Vintage Fashion in Today’s Wardrobe
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Using Vintage Fashion in Today’s Wardrobe

The coolest part about fashion is that things never really go out of style. You can even see in this post, this post, and this post that fashion trends really have stayed the same since the Renaissance. Yeah, you read that right. So when I found this vintage, silk button down I was over the moon. Incorporating vintage fashion in my current wardrobe is something I’ve been trying to do for the longest time. There is something about the rich history that each garment has that I love.

Silk button downs were huge in the 80’s with one of the biggest trends in the decade. With crazy prints and a luxurious textile, silk shirts instantly became one of the biggest trends in the 80’s. Gianni Versace made a line of insane shirts that everyone took a liking to. Mind you these prints were similar to paisley but on steroids with loud colors and abstract patterns. Since the 80s were an age where people wanted to differentiate themselves in fashion, this crazy print was an instant hit.

Now, this shirt may not be a vintage Versace piece, but it has the same concept with an abstract pattern and a throwback feel. So how can you get your hands on a vintage piece like this one? Read on…

Using Vintage Fashion in Today’s WardrobeUsing Vintage Fashion in Today’s Wardrobe

Where to find vintage items

The best part about looking for vintage items is trying to find a product that you love. I was wandering through Goodwill and I found this adorable silk button down and fell in love with it instantly. It was something about the quirky pattern and silky material that made me fall head over heels. You can easily find vintage items at Goodwill, eBay, ThreadUp, or even a local consignment shop. I’m personally drawn to jewelry, belts, skirts, and unique button downs when it comes to vintage finds. I have yet to get lucky with pants or jackets.

Taking care of your vintage finds

The one downside to vintage digs is that you need to take care of them a little bit more than other items. For example, this button-down is silk which means that I have to take it to the dry cleaner instead of hand washing it or throwing it into the washing machine. Sometimes cute clothes require sacrifices.

Using Vintage Fashion in Today’s WardrobeUsing Vintage Fashion in Today’s Wardrobe

Benefits of shopping vintage

Uhm, I should really be asking what are the downsides. Other than having to take care of the item a little bit more, everything else is a benefit. You’ll have a unique item that little to no one else has, you can style your mainstream outfits in a different way, and help the environment while doing so. Also, quality in garments was much higher 30 years ago so you’re getting an item that will last. Really, what isn’t to love?

Styling vintage items

I love mixing new and old items to convey a completely timeless piece. These boots are from a new company, Thursday, and look fabulous when paired with this beautiful silk button down. Whether you are styling a blazer, a retro belt, or a funky skirt make sure you mix it up with some current products.

Using Vintage Fashion in Today’s WardrobeUsing Vintage Fashion in Today’s Wardrobe

Where have you found a vintage find? What is your favorite vintage find? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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