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September in Review: Travel, Audible, and Blogs I’m Loving

Oh my goodness, September went by f-a-s-t! Okay, I can’t be the only one that thinks this year is flying by! It’s like every time I look at my cactus calendar a new month page falls to the ground. This month I feel like I was somewhere new every weekend. I went to Boston and New York City, two cities I’m sandwiched in between. I also went to Greenport, NY, Albany, and was even home for a weekend. Wow, when I say it like that I’m exhausted.

Greenport, New York

I visited Robert and got to catch my annual dogfish! I’ve caught one for the past two years. The one I caught this year was quite tiny, but it still counts!  If you ever visit Greenport make sure you visit Industry Standard. They have a quirky menu and great atmosphere.


I was able to explore Beacon Hill and South End for the first time. Boston is filled with so much charm and Tatte Bakery is now definitely one of my favorite coffee shops. I had one of the best scones ever there. I can’t wait to go back next weekend and explore with Juliette from Juliettiful.


I went back to my glory days in college and attended Lark Fest. It was a weekend filled with eating Genoa and running around the streets of Albany. It felt like college all over again.

New York City

I did a day trip to New York City and was able to explore the Financial District, Noho, and Chinatown. I actually followed Wolfnights on Instagram two years ago and am so glad I was finally able to grab a wrap. They actually make the bread in front of you and fill it up with happiness.

Durham Fair

The last weekend of September I was celebrating my local fair that is filled with delicious food. Every year we used to get Friday off for school and we would all volunteer at the fair. I always handed out chocolate covered bananas and then watched live concerts on the hill. This year Robert came and visited so he got the true Durham Fair experience filled with way too much food and looking at animals.

Favorite Thrift Find This Month

I found this skirt and instantly fell in love with it. It has such a beautiful pattern that I was so excited to wear to Lark Fest. Come to find out that it is actually double sided with two different patterns. Literally crazy. I definitely want to incorporate it for a 10×10 challenge because I could use two patterns as a skirt and even make something like a dress.

Podcasts Every 20-Something-Year-Old Should Listen to

What I’m Listening To

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now you know that I commute 2-4 hours every day to work (crazy, I know). As a result, I’ve developed an obsession with Audible and my Podcast app. Since it’s been a while since my 8 Audible Books Every 20-Something-Year-Old Should Listen to post, I have two books to share with you!

Crushing It: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence- and How You Can Too by Gary Vaynerchuk. The audible format is told by Gary and he consistently goes off script to add on his two senses. This book features multiple voices that explain their experience after following Gary’s first book. I admit I was a little confused at multiple times because I didn’t realize that this was the second book. I plan on going back and listen to Crush it!: Why NOW is The Time to Cash in on Your Passion. Even though I didn’t read the first book, this audible book has so much great advice to dominating social media for your business or own influence. HIghly recommend it if you belong in the marketing or digital profession.

Man Repeller by Leandra Medine. Leandra does an incredible job with mixing up voices and really painting a perfect picture of her growth throughout her life. She explains the pains of growing up and trying to find your own style through trial and failure. If you have a thing for clothes and how they make one feel, this is definitely the read for you.

Small Town Murder. Yes, I’m still listening to my creepy podcast. Which, by the way, today is Thursday and a new episode comes out today. If you like a good mystery but also like humor, this is the perfect podcast to listen to.

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Blogs I’ve Been Loving this Month

Life According to Francesca by Francesca Gariano. Francesca’s posts will have you laughing from your computer screen in a matter of seconds. Her posts are always so raw and honest that you can’t help but be glued to the screen. Plus, her style is always spot on so definitely go check her out here.

Whole Hearted Wardrobe by Kellie Hayden. Kellie is so down to earth that you’ll literally feel like you have a coffee (or chai!) in hand and you’re talking to her one on one. She somehow manages to find these incredible, sustainable fashion brands that look so perfect on her. Definitely check her out if you’re looking for new sustainable fashion brands. Check her out here.

Noelle’s Favorite Things by Noelle Downing. If you’re trying to feel instant cozy vibes just by looking at one picture, Noelle is your girl. She has such an adorable blog filled with decor tips, cute pictures of her dog, and her cheerful vibe of body positivity is sprinkled over each and every page. Check her out if you’re in need of cozy vibes or body positivity. Check her out here.

How was your September? Find any good books or bloggers? Let me know in the comments down below. 

As always,

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