Causebox: Fall 2018
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2018 Fall’s CAUSEBOX: Hair Masks, Makeup Pallets and More

It’s that time of the year again! The 2018 Fall CAUSEBOX is here and it’s bigger than ever! No really, this is the biggest box they’ve ever made to hold all of the fun goodies. The box includes an empowering eyeshadow pallet, the perfect fall scarf, a bright water bottle, a luxurious hair mask, a handmade canvas bag, a shiny postcard, and metallic stationery. Wow, say that 10 times fast! Check each company to see how they’re giving back and helping today’s world.

Causebox: Fall 2018Causebox: Fall 2018Causebox: Fall 2018

Bloom & Give

CAUSEBOX’s partnership with Bloom & Give has funded an educational program in India so that 50 girls could receive an education. The camp is a four-month intensive course that teaches participants to learn math, language, and life skills so they can re-enroll in high school or test out government-provided schooling with an exam similar to our GED. My favorite item in this year’s Fall CAUSEBOX was this scarf because it is going to be so versatile for the upcoming months. It has a very similar texture to linen. Bloom & Give Website.


Remember last week’s post about feminism? Well, check out this makeup pallet! RealHer designs make up and names each product with empowering words that women can live through. So each day when women are putting on makeup they can see that they’re putting on “proud, courageous, strong, creative, etc.” Just another reminder of how wonderful they are. The pallet and brush in Fall’s CAUSEBOX are cruelty-free and vegan.

The makeup line was designed by Bill Xiang to show his daughter that you don’t have to cover up your flaws but instead can embrace them. He explains, “I was inspired to create a makeup line that wasn’t focused on telling women to cover their flaws in order to feel confident, but to embrace their true beauty and use makeup as a source of empowerment and confidence.” Not only that but the company donates 20% of proceeds to the American Association of University Women, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women. Pallet: Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.

Print by Abbey Lossing

Each seasonal box from CAUSEBOX features a new artist’s work. This season, Abbey Lossing created a unique spread of different women doing a different talent. Whether that is eating, walking a dog, shopping, creating, etc they are represented on the outside of the box with different body shapes. Her postcard is also featured in the box with a metallic print that says “Spin, Point, Go.” As an avid traveler, I absolutely love this message. I’m already thinking about framing the postcard and hanging it somewhere in my room.

Causebox: Fall 2018

Causebox: Fall 2018

Paper Source

I admit, I thought cards were a really odd addition to the fall box, but I ended up really liking them. After all, you never know when you’re going to need to write a handwritten thank you note.  These colorful letters are made with a mix of human-intensive techniques and solar power instead of heavy machinery. Each card is also made out of 100% recycled materials. Pretty and eco-friendly! Paper Source Website.

October Jaipur

October Jaipur was made by two college classmates who were studying fashion and jewelry design. When they graduated in 2013, they set out to launch in October with the mindset that October was a clean slate and one of the best weather months of the year (can’t argue there)! The canvas bag that is in Fall’s CAUSEBOX is 90% handmade by artisans in India out of canvas and vegan leather. I can easily see this as being a good travel bag for long car rides. October Jaipur Website.

Causebox: Fall 2018Causebox: Fall 2018

Natura Brasil

I was most excited about this hair mask by natural Brasil because my dead ends need some serious TLC. This amazing hair mask is made from ingredients found in the Amazon rainforest. It smells like fresh rain in the summer mixed with fresh cut flowers. Over the years, Natura has seen destruction to the Amazon Rainforest and decided changed aspects of their company. For example, most of their packaging is made from recycled P.E.T. or sugarcane ethanol-based plastics. They also use water reclamation systems during manufacturing. This has earned Natural the title as the world’s largest certified B-Corporation. Natura Brasil Website.


The Fall CAUSEBOX was originally going to have cheeseboards from Badala but they were, unfortunately, water damaged and were not able to be included in this box. Instead, CAUSEBOX sent these beautiful water bottles from S’well. Each water bottle can keep beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.  S’well is incredibly charitable with donating over $800,000 to UNICEF USA to help provide clean and safe drinking water the world’s most vulnerable communities. They also big supporters of (RED) and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. S’well Website.

Personally, I can never have too many reusable water bottles. The reason my boyfriend and I started talking was because he made fun of all of the water I drank in class. I had this GIANT 64 oz water bottle and would literally drink the whole thing during class. Five years later and I’m still sucking up water like a fish. The best change you can do for a better environment is saying no to plastic water bottles and hello to reusable ones. I admit, sometimes I mess up but as long as you put in the effort 80-90% of the time you’re making a huge difference.

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Have you heard of any of these brands before? What is your favorite subscription box? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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