25 Things I want to Do Before I'm 25
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24th Birthday: 24 Things You Wouldn’t Know About Me by Reading My Blog

When people find out that my birthday is on December 8th, the question that immediately follows is, “don’t you hate having it so close to Christmas?” The truth is, I absolutely love how close my birthday is to Christmas. Everyone is always in such a pleasant mood and all of the cheerful songs come out of the woodwork. It also helps that my family loves Christmas as much as I do. We put up 8 Christmas trees (4 big and 4 small) and we even have our own long list of traditions.

So to celebrate turning 24, I figured I would let you know a little bit more about me. Here are 24 things you wouldn’t normally know about me just by reading my blog.

25 Things I want to Do Before I'm 2525 Things I want to Do Before I'm 25

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  1. I teared up and three sites while traveling: outside the Coliseum, on top of San Marco Campanile, and in front of the Rockefeller tree.
  2. I changed my major four different times. I entered Siena as an English Education major, switched to marketing and writing my sophomore year, then switched back to English Education, and graduated with English and a writing and communications minor.
  3. In high school, I wrote a 120-page book called “It’s a Secret.” Maybe one day I’ll go send it to a publishing company after I edit it (a lot)!
  4. I collect pins whenever I go somewhere new. When I studied abroad, I collected a pin from every new location. You can view this here. 
  5. I shaved one of my eyebrows off when I was really little… yeah, only one. Thankfully, it grew back.
  6. I could eat a turkey sandwich for every meal and be completely happy.
  7. I paint my nails 1-3 times a week… I am aware of how sick my habit is.
  8. I’ve been to 12 countries and 17 (20 if you count airports) states.
  9. I hate mushrooms and olives.
  10. I started my ethical/sustainable journey in March 2018 after I watched the True Cost. I’m still learning more and more about it each day.
  11. My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring. They easily elevate an outfit.
  12. I tend to wear more gold jewelry than silver even though I have a neutral skin tone.

25 Things I want to Do Before I'm 2525 Things I want to Do Before I'm 25

13. I plan on going to every state before I die.

14. The #1 thing I want to do when I’m 25 is rent a car and travel to the Grand Canyon.

15. I want to spend some of my 20s in a big bad city. I grew up in a small town and want to experience what it is like living in a big city.

16. I typically crave pickles, smokehouse, or a burrito.

17. I’m a huge fan of cacti and succulents. Right now I have 5 different pots.

18. My favorite dessert is a cheesecake (the best one is a green tea flavor at Cheesecake Machismo in Albany, New York).

19. I started this blog when I was a Sophomore in college. I started to really work on it my Senior year.

20. My day job is an ecommerce and media specialist at a medical supply company. I am very fortunate that they allow me to travel a lot. I’ve been to Texas, California, and Germany for work.

21. When I met Ariel at Disney, I told her she was a wonderful actress. I was very little. (The Little Mermaid was my favorite movie).

22. I used to hate most seafood until I met Rob. Now I love oysters, scallops, shrimp, etc!

23. I’ve been dating Rob since Sophomore year of college. He used to make fun of the excessive amount of water I drank in class. Somehow that made me fall extra hard, haha!

24. I absolutely love blogging. I constantly am writing notes down for future blog posts ideas ranging from outfits to topics. I’m so happy that you read my silly little words. Thank you!

25 Things I want to Do Before I'm 2525 Things I want to Do Before I'm 25

Jez, writing all those down just made me realize how old I’m getting! Tell me a fun fact about yourself! I would love to know more about my readers. 

As always,

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