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A Weekend of Long Island Scallops

I used to post a series called Sunday Snapshot. After months upon months of failing to do a recap, I decided I would post a little snapshot of this past weekend. Saturday was the first day of December and the official start of Kindmas! My first challenge of Kindmas was to help someone with a chore. My boyfriend, Rob, runs a seafood delivery service company called Finest Tide Oysters. He needed help shucking a few pounds (32 exact) of scallops so I figured why not help!

I’ve never shucked scallops before but Rob quickly showed me how you open up their little shells. You put the knife on the side edge and slide it towards the middle. After twisting the knife upward, the shell will open. This is when you put your thumb (with your heavy duty gloves on) to hold it open. Once you manage to open the shell, you slide the knife inside the top of the shell and cut the ribbon to open the shell completely. Then working from the top to the bottom, you slide all of the unwanted guts out. After all that hard work, you’re left with a yummy scallop muscle.


My pile vs Rob’s pile

For someone who learned that day, my pile isn’t too bad! By the end of the shucking, I was really becoming used to shucking faster and faster. Since I am left handed, Rob’s method is a little bit different. But Rob did give me the compliment that I am the fastest person he has taught!

Reaping the Rewards

After shucking all of those scallops, Rob and I traveled to Pentimento and had an amazing dinner. I ordered freshly made spinach pasta with scallops. Bay scallops are a little bit sweeter than normal scallops because of their petite size. After the meal, I saved room for dessert and got a fried pistachio gelato sandwich that you could dip in dark chocolate. My mouth is watering just thinking about that right now.

Once we were full, we rolled out the door and ended up at the Riverhead Light Show! I’m a huge sucker for Christmas lights and this was no exception. They had wonderful, moving lights that really light up the entire golf course.

Shellabration 2018

On Sunday Robert and I participated in Shellabration. Shellabration is an annual seafood event in Greenport, New York. You pay for a wristband and walk around to different restaurants participating. At each location, you will get a 3oz pour of wine for $3 and a $5 pate of seafood. The proceeds for the wristband goes to the bay and provides education about the bay.

We ended up going to six different locations: Greenport Brewery (oysters), American Beech (oatmeal, scallops, and grapes), Salamanders (fried oyster), the Frisky Oyster (friskafella oyster, butternut squash scallops, and clam chowder), Noah’s (BBQ’D Oysters), and First and South (mac&cheese with lobster and fried oysters). My favorite was definitely Frisky Oyster because of the butternut squash scallops.

Do you like seafood? Do you know how to shuck an oyster or scallop? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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