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Explore New Haven, Connecticut in 24 Hours

I’ve lived 30 minutes away from New Haven my entire life but just started to explore last year. I know crazy. New Haven, Connecticut has so much to offer from amazing food, insane academics, and intricate artwork… you’ll find it all. Check out what you need to see in New Haven if you only have 24 hours to spend. 

Things to Do/See

Yale Art Museums. New Haven is home to three incredible art museums: Yale University Art Gallery, Yale Center for British Art, and New Haven Museum. The photos above are from the Yale University Art Gallery. The building as multiple floors with different exhibits. I always find myself being drawn to abstract paintings that make you think, and Yale University Art Gallery is full of paintings that make you do just that. I’ve also been to the Brtish Art museum, which is just down the road. This museum is filled with classic paintings of British royalty. I absolutely love one of the walls that is covered in painting after painting. You could spend hours there. I actually took blog pictures there last year

Yale. If it’s a nice day, Yale’s campus is absolutely breathtaking to walk around. While you’re walking around, you’ll instantly feel like you’re in the show Gillmore Girls and want to find your Logan. The architecture throughout Yale’s campus is unreal with brownstone, gothic features and so much more. My favorite time to visit New Haven is during the fall or the first snow because the buildings really stand out.

Yale Bookstore (and Neighboring Shops). Right near the Yale Bookstore is a strip of multiple stores. You’ll have fun poking around all of the different stores and seeing the yale bulldog sprinkled throughout the city. If you want your own Yale souvenier, the Yale Bookstore is the perfect place to pick it up!

Dwell. Right near the Yale University Art Gallery and Yale Center for British Art is a stripe of unique stores. This is my favorite store on this strip is Dwell because of its quintessential Connecticut items.  You’ll find Connecticut themed pillows, artisan made jewelry, cotton scarves, and so much more. I currently wear two artisan rings from Dwell every day. One is a spinner ring and one is a brass ring with silver studs. It is my favorite purchase from New Haven! Dwell is the perfect store if you’re looking for a gift for a Connecticut lover or a unique jewelery piece. 

Things to Eat 

As always, my favorite section of travel posts are things I can shove in my face. New Haven is in the running for the best food in Connecticut and was named the Pizza Capital of the World (by none other than Barstool Sports). No matter if you’re looking for a greasy slice of heaven of a refreshing smoothie bowl… New Haven has your back. 

Donut Crazy. If you’re in need of a sugar high, I have the place for you. These donuts are piled high with oreos, cookie dough, pop tarts, and more. After you take the perfect picture for the gram, you’ll want to savor every single bite. You’ll find giant bulldog pictures and a sign that says “Lets Eat Donuts” ummm, yes, please!  

Explore New Haven, Connecticut in 24 Hours

Pizza Heaven: Frank Pepe’s, Sally’s, Bar, and Modern. These four names are a staple in the New Haven community. Everyone fights over having the best pizza but Pepe’s will always have my heart. Each pizza is made with a thin crust and cooked in a brick oven stove. The result? Beautifully crunchy pizza that won’t make you feel sick to your stomach afterwards. 

Moon Rocks. When my friend was craving a cookie instead of a donut, we stumbled across Moon Rocks. Moon Rocks is located right next to Donut Crazy and always makes it hard to figure out which sweet we should get.We met the daughter of the owner and her brutally honest opinion of the cookies won me over quickly. All of the cookies are made with natural products which mean there are no artificial sweeteners. I highly recommend the Chai. 

Barcelona Wine Bar. Barcelona has a few locations throughout Connecticut, but I figured I’d put it on the list because this is the only one I’ve been to. You’ll find gourmet finger foods such as empandas and fries. Each one is perfectly crafted that will force your taste buds to sing. Plus, they have an incredible selection of wine. 

Explore New Haven, Connecticut in 24 Hours

Maison Mathis.  If you live in Connecticut, you probably constantly see this little coffee shop sprinkled on your Instagram feed. With beautiful drinks and tasty sweets, I don’t blame them! 

New Haven Places I’ve Yet to Explore

  • Fussy Coffee
  • It™ Adventure Indoor Ropes Course (The world’s largest indoor ropes course!)
  • Lighthouse Point Park
  • PEZ Visitor Center (PEZ products are all made in New Haven!)
  • Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
  • Wooster Square (during the cherry blossom festival)
  • New Haven Harbor Lighthouse

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Have you ever been to New Haven? What is your favorite spot? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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