2018 Year in Review
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2018: The Year of Exploring and Sustainable Fashion

In just a little over a week, 2018 is coming to a wrap and 2019 is coming in proudly. I love new months and new years because it’s another reminder to refresh and reflect what you’ve been doing. In celebration of the new chapter, I decided to reflect on my 2018 blogging world.


2018 started off with below freezing weather and creative perspectives. I posted about how you can style clothes when it is below zero and showed you how you could make a DIY graphic shirt in less than 15 minutes. I also boasted about new years resolutions for 2018. I managed to keep a few of them intact (joined Orangetheory, went outside more, found more sustainable brands, and tried to be more positive). January was definitely a month for staying indoors and trying to keep warm.


I did a good amount of traveling this year and it started off with a trip to Arkansas. My brother lives in Fayetteville, which is super close to the home of Walmart! Check out this post if you want to know more about Arkansas. I also posted a review of my Thursday Uptown booties. Till this day it continues to bring countless people to my site… people just love reading about shoes I guess!


Ahh, March. I watched the True Cost for the first time and cried my eyes out. This was the start of my journey to sustainable fashion and it started off with a thrifted dress. I’m still new to the sustainable fashion world but I am definitely learning a lot from you guys! I also explored SkyTop with Robert and it was beyond magical in the snow. There I even feature an article discussing the impact denim has on the earth.


The traveling never seems to stop! I headed to New York City to explore with my two best friends. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, went into MOMA, and walked the Highline. I can’t wait to explore with them sometime soon. I also went to my second-ever blogger event! I had such a wonderful time meeting new Connecticut bloggers.


I was fortunate enough to be sent to La Jolla and Pasadena for trade shows! I even ventured out and saw the Hollywood sign! The best part about my current job is that I get to travel to these amazing places!


June was all about pampering because I knew the next two months were going to beyond hectic! It was full of beauty box reveals, skin care routines, and even a teeth brightening post. Every once in a while we just need time to relax!


My family ventured out to Lake George and attended a stunning wedding at the Sagamore. My cousin’s wedding venue was absolutely stunning. In July, I was also able to review one of my favorite ring companies AU Rate New York! For every purchase they give a book to a child in need! I highly reccomend checking them out if you love dainty jewelry.


Another wedding but this time in Jersey! Another incredible wedding filled with laughter, insane dance moves, and a happy family. I also talked about the importance of looking at what your clothes are made of. It can make all of the difference to our ecosystems.


In September, I became very involved in thrift shopping! I started my Thrifted Thursday series on Instagram and finding incredible items (like this skirt and silk button down). I also relived the glory days at Lark Fest. There is nothing better than cute clothes and even better company.


In October, I walked over the Hudson River with my boyfriend and his family. If you ever get a chance to visit the Hudson Valley in the fall, I highly recommend taking a trip. I also created a post about how feminism fits in the fashion world (sustainability and non-sustainability). Also, I review the adorable scarf company Bloom&Give.


I participated in my first international trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany! I had such a wonderful time exploring and seeing how the business works internationally. I also purchased new ethical leggings and sneakers. One of the first times I’ve featured athletic wear on this blog! I might post more ethical alternatives to big brand names because I’m obsessed with Orangetheory!


Last but not least, my favorite month: December. I opened up to you in my birthday post sharing 24 things you might not know about me (like my obsession with cacti and penguins). I also explored New Haven like it was my job. You can find so many wonderful treats and art pieces there. Lastly, I helped you get into the holiday spirit in this post.

What were some of your favorite posts you posted in 2018? What were your favorite life events? Let me know in the comments down below.

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