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Happy New Year + New Year’s Resolutions

I took almost two weeks off blogging for the holiday season and, boy, did I miss it! It is now the New Year and resolutions are flooding each and every blog, Instagram and social media page. So why write a post about New Year Resolutions if everyone else is doing it? Well, to be honest, this is really for me. I love reflecting on what I wrote last year and see if I kept up with any of my resolutions of I just completely failed. So in the spirit of last year’s resolutions… let us reflect.

Last Year’s Resolutions

Get outside more: Yes! I was lucky to be able to get outside more this year with trips to Lake George, Germany, Hollywood, Long Island, and all my blog photos. I hope to continue this resolution to this year too.

Learn how to balance social media and personal life: Yes! With new features on iPhones and on Instagram, I’ve been able to monitor my time on my phone. During the past week, my phone usage dropped more than 50%. With that said, I still spend a good amount of time on the computer and phone because of my blog. I hope to balance my time this year as well.  

Be healthier: Yes! I joined Orangetheory and I am addicted! I also pursued a few Pilate studios in Connecticut. None we as wonderful as the studio near my college, but I’m happy to have found a great workout routine at Orangetheory. I now go every Tuesday and Thursday with some weekend classes sprinkled in.

Find more socially sustainable/eco-friendly companies: Yes! This past year, I really dove in deep with sustainable fashion. From clean beauty brands to recycled threads, I’ve been falling in love with this lifestyle. My resolution next year (as you’ll see below), is to continue to find incredible companies.

Be more positive: I definitely need to work on this a little bit more. I’m heartbroken to admit, but the commute to work has created a little bit of a pessimistic attitude in my life. So in the spirit of the new year, I will continue to try and work on this.

Grow my blogging community: Yes! I almost doubled my views this year and started to engage with my bloggers. But, more importantly, I grew relationships in the blogging world. I was able to meet wonderful bloggers and actually do a few meet ups this year.

This Year’s Resolutions

Become a Runner at Orangetheory

I joined Orangetheory last year in the hopes of getting better at running. I’m slowly working up to a fast speed day by day. I hope by the end of the year to get faster and be able to run the entire time of cardio. P.S. If you’re looking for a fitness class that you’ll fall in love with (like I have) I highly reccomend checking out my post on Orangetheory.

CT Blogger Babes

Connect with more Bloggers

There is something about the blogging community that just screams “support”. I really want to make it a goal to reach out and to meet more bloggers, especially sustainable fashion bloggers. The best part about blogging is you get to reach and meet so many wonderful people. I really want to take advantage of the opportunity this year through blogging events and reaching out. Let’s make this the year of reaching out!  

Start an Email List

Email is such a great way to keep everyone connected. In 2019, I would love to start sending out emails once a month or every other month (still undecided) about fashion news, new posts, and information about sustainable fashion. This will be something extra that you don’t see on Peculiar Porter very often. If you’re interested send your email to me on the sidebar of this post!

Find More Sustainable/Eco-Friendly Companies

I love finding sustainable and eco-friendly companies that I can share on this platform. For 2019, I already have a ton of companies lined up that I want to share. From cashmere sweaters to leather bags, we’re going to discuss it all. With that said, I would love to support even companies this year.  

Try Something New at Least Once a Month

I feel like as we get older, we get more and more stuck into the same path. To change that, I plan on doing something new and exciting every month. For example, I went skeet shooting with my boyfriend’s family last week. Eek! I was super nervous, managed to only hit 3 clay birds, and had a ton of fun. Let’s get out of our comfort zone this year. Let’s do something wild.   

6 Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit

Pursue to be Better Than I Was Yesterday

The thing with New Year’s resolutions is that they’re really about pushing you to be who you want to be. It all take moments each and every day to get to the point of where you are who you want to be. This is why each and every day we should strive to be better, kinder, smarter, and happier that yesterday.

I wish you for a joyful, happy year filled with endless sunshine.

What is on your New Year’s Resolution? Do you believe in resolutions? Let me know in the comments down below.

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