Gldn: Dainty Jewelry that Gives Back
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Gldn: Ethical Jewelry with Meaning

I’m a sucker for dainty jewelry and Gldn stole my heart once I found out they were an ethical company. I first found Gldn through an Instagram ad featuring their zodiac rings and necklaces. One day, I decided to click on an ad and was instantly hooked.

Gldn pieces are all made in their workshop in La Conner, Washington by people who love what they do. All their pieces are made to order which means that you’re getting a one of a kind piece. You also get an adorable printed card and polishing cloth set. Gldn really goes above and beyond for their customers.

Gldn: Dainty Jewelry that Gives Back
Gldn: Dainty Jewelry that Gives Back

Aydan Necklace

I’ve been wanting this necklace for quite some time and I finally bit the bullet. Aydan means “of the moon” and is supposed to represent a crescent moon. The talisman of a moon is said to attract the positive and ward off the negative (kind of like an evil eye). I also like to think of the symbol as the devil horns. When you say or something that might be jinxed, Italians point their hands with their index finger and pointer finger out and shake it towards the ground. This is supposed to ward off bad luck. Either way, I love the idea of attracting positive energy and removing negative energy out of my life.

I decided to get the 14K gold fill and 18″ in length.

Gldn: Dainty Jewelry that Gives Back

The Circle Friendship Necklace

I studied abroad with two of my best friends and they’ve been there for me every step of the way. I decided to send them a little bit of cheer this holiday season with this necklace. Together, all three necklaces make a circle. Despite being cliche, they represent the never-ending friendship we have created. Plus, they’re perfect for layering!

The necklaces are able to come in halves, thirds, and fourths. They are also able to have a smooth finish or a hammered finish. The necklaces can come in 14K gold filled, sterling silver, and rose gold fill. I personally like the 14K Gold hammered finish. Pictured is a third, hammered finish, 14K gold fill. I also decided to order the necklaces in 16″.

Gldn: Dainty Jewelry that Gives Back
Gldn: Dainty Jewelry that Gives Back


Every time you order a piece from Gldn they are made to order. When you add an item to your cart, you’ll be asked a few questions such as necklace length and materials used. You also get to pick a special hand-pressed note the be included with the box. I decided to pick the fir for my Aydan necklace and “love you” for the circle necklaces. These little touches are exactly what I love about Gldn. They even include handwritten notes and even write who made the piece for you.

Profits Help Those in Need

With each collection, a portion of the proceeds goes towards a charity. When you buy from the La Femme collection, 50% of the profits go to CARE (a global leader within a worldwide moment dedicated to ending poverty) and 100% of the proceeds from the Toujours necklace goes to the National Immigration Law Center. 10% of profits from the hand gestures collection goes to the Brain & Research Foundation (a foundation that researches cures for mental illness). They also have special opportunities, such as International Women’s Day, where they donate 50% of their sales to woman empowerment services. For a complete list of all of the charities, Gldn donates to visit here.

Gldn: Dainty Jewelry that Gives Back

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What do you think about dainty jewelry? Do you like layering necklaces? Are there any other companies I should be on the look out for? Let me know in the comments down below.

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