What's in My Work Bag? Feat Feed Projects
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What’s in My Work Bag?

What’s in your bag posts and videos always get me excited. Instead of doing a normal post about my every day bag, I decided to let you know what is inside my work bag. If you’re nosey like me, hopefully you like these kinds of posts too.

One of the first sustainable fashion items I posted about was a wish list for Christmas a few years ago and this bag was on it. This Christmas, I received the FEED Harriet Tote and couldn’t have been happier. The bag has a rich, brown hue that is perfect for everyday use. I also received a beaded tassel to attach to the bag. It as such a fun element to the entire look of the bag. The tote and tassel provided 110 school meals for children in need. A few of Feed’s collections are made by artisans so that they can not only provide school meals but also provide sustainable livelihoods for these artisans. Talk about an incredible company!

What's in My Work Bag? Feat Feed Projects

Work Laptop + iPad

Work provided me with a Chromebook and an iPad to do my work. I’m an apple girl through and through, but the Chromebook is fun to draw on. I like having the feed bag because it fits all my equipment easily.

Ban.do Planner

I get the same style planner from Ban.do each year. I’m very particular when it comes to planners: no lines, lots of space for me to draw or write, a full month view, a week view, and colorful images. Ban.do works with independent artists for creative planners, shirts, and accessories.

This ISL Tampons

This is definitely a little TMI but, let’s be honest, tampons are shoved in every girl’s work bag or purse. This ISL is a really cool company because reinvented the 1 for 1 model. For each package of tampons or pads, they donate a package for someone in need. The tampons and pads are also made out of organic cotton so you know that you’re not putting nasty chemicals where they shouldn’t be.

Bic Pens

Along with my planner, I love doodling and writing down notes as much as I can. I actually have a giant list in the note’s section talking about what posts I should do in the future. I’m very particular with writing in Bic’s blue ink pens.

What's in My Work Bag? Feat Feed Projects


When it comes to switching from purse to purse, it can get kind of annoying. To make that easier, I have a wristlet that I can carry around. So if I’m stopping at Whole Foods, a thrift store, or the gym, I can just bounce on in with my wristlet instead of an entire bag. I currently have an old fossil wristlet but have been eyeing this Able one.

Rubbermaid container

I eat a handful of nuts every morning and this reusable container lets me bring them to work without using a ziplock bag. It is also a great container for pomegranate seeds or pretzel sticks!

Orangetheory Armband

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I head over to Orangetheory and work my heart out. To make sure that I don’t forget my wristband, I always tuck it inside my bag or leave it on the side of my car door. If you want to learn more about Orangetheory check out my review on the class.

Swell water bottle

Some girls drink lattes and others chug water like it’s their job. I’m definitely a water guzzler. My boyfriend and I actually started talking because he joked about how much water I drank in class. I like the marbled water bottle I have because it keeps everything cool.


I literally cannot leave the house without chapstick. I’m a big fan of Carmex but I also like softlips and Burts Bees. Nothing is worse than dry lips at work.

What's in My Work Bag? Feat Feed Projects

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What is in your work bag? Let me know in the comments down below.

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